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Jun 20, 2007 07:23 PM

Saugatuck, MI recs?

We'll be in Saugatuck with our 17 year old daughter for a couple of nights at the end of July. Looking for dining recs that would include local specialties and a pleasant atmosphere
. No limits on ethnicity, style, etc.

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    Everyday People Cafe in Douglas is very good. Be sure to check hours, they close between lunch and dinner. There are some nice artsy shops there also, and last year there was a small farmers market right there on Saturday maybe? Maybe you'd find some delicious Michigan blueberries and peaches.
    Have fun.

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      Second the recommendation for Everyday People's. In my opinion this is the only really good restaurant in the area. There is a place on the Blue Star between Saugatuck and Douglas on the lake side called Blue Moon or something like that. I've had pretty good food there, but it's been a year ago. It's very non-descript on the outside - an old yellow brick motel, but fixed up very nice and artsy inside.

    2. I can second EPC in Douglas. You won't be disappointed. Also in Douglas, on Blue Star look for M&M for lunch. It's an ice cream place with a small indoor restaurant. Nice gyros selection, good price, good food. The hotspot right now is Journeyman cafe in Fennville. Tremendous food, locally produced. Take Blue Star south to M-89 (4 way stop), go East (left) on M-89 into Fennville. Restaurant's on the right before the rr tracks.

      The Blue Moon is on Blue Star in Douglas, but not between Douglas/Saugatuck as mentioned elsewhere. Popular place but I've not eaten there recently. Nice bar area though :). Enjoy the stay.

      1. I'll third the rec for Everyday People Cafe. Copper Canyon across the street from EPC was good, if pricey, but I don't know if they're still there. Marro's in Saugatuck has decent Italian. That's about it. My wife and I have gone to Saugatuck in the fall for most of the past 10 years. We find the dining scene there to be very underwhelming. Who knows? Maybe you'll find the hidden gem. Anyway, I think that your best bets are in Douglas.

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          Copper Grill closed. They're the place that had the "Kobe" burger and split of Dom on the menu for $185 IIRC. There's a new restaurant just opened in the space, "White Dog" I think, maybe a week or so ago. One of our friends is working there. They were waiting on liquor license last I heard. And Chaps (across street from EPC) is all boarded up looking for a renter.

          In other local news, Annie's Woodshed sold and has been gutted to become Jojo's Americain, logo has a martini glass. Guess they're upgrading from the biker/local hang it always has been. Anxious to give them a try once they open.

          Everyday People is a good choice for breakfast too by the way.

          1. re: Scott D

            Thanks for the update Scott. I was looking forward to trying Chaps next time out there. Too bad. Hopefully White Dog (if it's anything like the similarly-named restaurant in Philadelphia) will turn out to be great. Pardon my ignorance but, what does IIRC mean?

            1. re: Summerfield

              IIRC = If I Remember Correctly, at least to me.

              Phil's is also a good rec - love the portabello fries and last time in I had a really good fried tomato sandwich with chipotle mayo.

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                Ah, the new restaurant is actually called Wild Dog. Haven't stopped to see the menu yet, but I may tonight on my way home.

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              And another recommendation for Everyday People Cafe. Definitely the best food in Douglas/Saugatuck area. We just moved to Colorado this past February and Douglas is one of the places in W. Michigan that I miss. Love walking around and visiting all the shops in the spring and fall. There is a (or used to be) a wonderful gelato place in the back lower level of one of the shops on the main street. You go though a courtyard to the back and down the stairs. Absolutely fantastic gelato!

            3. In Saugatuck we like Maros (Italian), Phils for lunch (looks like an old movie theater and very casual) and the Butler Hotel, which isn't really a hotel at all but is right down from Maros. Good steaks, sandwichs, etc.. The places in Douglas are everything the posters have said but I like Saugatuck places because you can walk to all of them.

              1. The absolute best choice is just a little further afield — about 5 miles south, in the town of Fennville. The restaurant is called Journeyman Cafe. Went on a recent Friday night by recommendation and was knocked out by the menu, staff and atmosphere. So good we returned the next evening. Features the freshest, local ingredients. First rate, cool space. I've been to most area restaurants and this one strives for a different experience. You'll find them on the web.

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                  Ate at Everyday People Cafe for dinner last Thursday night. Great food, the most happening restaurant on the street. However, try to call ahead and make reservations if you can, we had to wait 40 minutes to be seated despite seeing an empty table or two within eyesight--they may have been short a waiter. The waiting area is awkward, and we did not see room at the small bar. It was a boring wait because most of the shops were closed on the street and the hostesses that night looked like teenage girls. When we did get seated, we had great food, just wish we didn't have to wait so long.