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Jun 20, 2007 06:23 PM


Going on friday night, what do you all suggest I eat, what did you like?
I am not eating bunnies or froggies. :)
Everything else is fair game (pun intended!).

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    1. re: robb

      And I thought Boudin Noir was a strip club in Montreal...

    2. foie gras quite good. overall a great place and most everything I have ever had has been excellent.

      1. We were just there mid-May. Foie Gras was indeed excellent and then I had the lobster dish which was AMAZING. My husband had the lamb, which he disliked profoundly. The cut was very fatty but it was difficult to clean it up - and frankly, for that price, you shouldn't have to fight with your food. But our experience overall was a good one.

        1. I made a Summerlicious reservation here for a Wednesday evening at 5:30. We are planning on taking our 1 and 3 year old girls with us; I hope this won't be a problem? Also, is it customary for Celestin to take your credit card # to confirm your reservation? I've never been asked for that before. I'm looking forward to the meal as I've heard very good things about it!

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          1. re: Chocolatemama

            They did not ask for credit card from me, but I am not doing the Summerlicious, so I guess they don't see me as a potential no-show! I know a couple of restaurant owners and its a big problem holding a table and no-one shows...

            1. re: Chocolatemama

              I've never been asked before at Celestin. I have at other places and refused to give it and never been denied the reservation.

              1. re: Chocolatemama

                I've been asked for it for Summerlicious at other restaurants.........

                1. re: kawarthagirl

                  are we talking about the first/last four digits to confirm you are an Amex holder or the whole number so that they can charge you if you don't show?

                  I've had some places, but most places don't, ask for the first four numbers to confirm I have an amex. I have had some places ask for a cc number to charge me if I don't show--I tell them that I won't give info like that out. One place told me that they would not accept the reservation and I countered with 'I'll leave it up to you to decide if you want my business...4 people on a Friday night for a full meal and wine and post dinner drinks, but I will not be giving you my credit card number to hold this reservation--what would you like to do?"
                  They took my reservation. I don't care how 'famous' a place is, I will never give my cc to hold a reso. I understand that some places get killed on the no-shows, they can choose how they want to try and mitigate that, I choose not to give info like that out.