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Jun 20, 2007 05:59 PM

Driving down to Cape Cod tomorrow

We've never been and don't have any plans. Tell me what chow we should seek out. Fresh seafood sounds awesome.

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  1. Cape Cod is very big so it depends where you are headed. For fried seafood (clams, chowder, fisherman's platter, etc, I would recommend Arnold's in Eastham, there will be long lines but it is very good and very casual. I have never been but I have always heard raves for the Lobster Rolls at The Raw Bar in Mashpee.

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    1. re: paulgardner

      Oh yeah, huge, excellent lobstah rolls and cocktails, And almost as good, NO friggin' cells phones allowed while enjoying this alfresco experience. Lovely!

      1. re: Harp00n

        Raw Bar has the best lobster roll but no ambiance and sort of in the middle of nothing...I would say head up to Eastham, get rolls to go at Friendly Fisherman and eat at Marconi Beach or Nauset Light.

        1. re: luci

          Respectfully, that all depends on how you define ambiance and there's is no singular, set definition, at that. Besides, if having a killer margarita with your roll isn't your style, take-out from the Raw Bar is always an option. You'll still end up with a far better lobstah roll, IMO, to enjoy in solitude by the shore.