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Jun 20, 2007 05:58 PM

Sunday Brunch - SF Valley

Your recommendations can save me from another family brunch at a "small bull' chain in the SF Valley. I've promised that I can find a much more interesting place for eight adults and five kids (13y/o to 6 y/o) in the triangle forming Northridge, Studio City, and Woodland Hills. Help me save face and prove my worth to them! Thanks.

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  1. Not sure your price range, but...
    Madeleine Bistro (vegetarian)
    More than Waffles
    Coral Tree Cafe
    Vivian's Cafe
    Du-Pars (buttermilk pancakes!!)
    Kate Mantilini (yeah it's pricey, but I like their french toast and omelettes)
    Rive Gauche is expensive

    1. Better than IHOP pancakes?? Denny's pancakes??? How about Brent's deli on Parthenia and Corbin? Marmalade Cafe??-14910 Ventura Boulevard
      Sherman Oaks Tel: (818) 905-8872. I work across the street from the Encino Corner Bakery. Nothing fancy but I always enjoy their lunch. When I arrived to day all the left over breakfast muffins, scones and such were 1/2 price. Bought killer cinnamon crunch yummy muffins two for 1.86$ ! 15626 Ventura Encino at Haskell - Across and East of IHOP

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        Took me a sec, but I figured El Torito... little bull

      2. Ci Ci's Cafe


        La Frite

        Inn of THe Sevneth Ray on Topanga in Topange Canyon (expensive)

        Sona's in Enicno (ONLY FOR BREAKFAST OF BRUNCH)

        The Universal Hilton Buffet

        Delmonico's Lobster House

        Eggs and Things

        Second More Than Waffles and Hugo's

        Follow Your HEart in Canoga PArk

        1. On a nice day, the Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas (just outside the Woodland Hills tip of the triangle). Most of the seating is outside, but under trees and umbrellas so if the day is not too hot you will stay nice and cool. There is a strolling mariachi band -- a pretty good one -- that adds to the interest. Most of the food is OK, not fancy-hotel quality, but there are some standouts: a very nice selection of salads; meats they smoke themselves out back behind the restaurant (I particularly like the brisket and the ribs); oysters; crab legs (hot and cold); bread pudding; bananas Foster. They also have a nice, if typical, made-to-order omelet bar, plus made-to-order waffles with various fruit toppings. There are a bunch of steam-table items, about half Mexican and the other half not (e.g., corned-beef hash, eggs benedict), some of them OK but most surpassed by other, non-steam-table choices. Unlimited fresh-squeezed orange juice, with or without sparkling wine, plus several licuadas. I think it's about $26 for adults and maybe $14 for kids, but I'm not sure. Oh, and they start serving brunch at 9 AM, which I like -- get there early when it's nice and cool and uncrowded, read the Sunday paper, eat a bunch of stuff. What could be bad?

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            I was going to suggest Sagebrush, but the last time I went, the food was awful and the service was awful. We waited about 15 minutes for them to bring our water, and the food was not good.

          2. I really like the brunch at the Sportsmen's Lodge on Ventura and Coldwater.