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Jun 20, 2007 05:09 PM

Seven Stars Pepper - Still Good?

Going to Seattle for one night, and thought I'd hit 7 Stars, but I see on the board that they were sold a while back. Is it still worth going? If anyone can share any recent experiences, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Michael, Yep, still good. If you can, order the Szechuan crab, it's killer.

    1. The "acquisition" thing is not limited to venture capitalists (or, wait, maybe it is...) and the trail of ownerships, partial ownerships, and partnerships is crazy crazy. If Paul Dorpat is here, we could really use a historians contribution, right about now. We had a great waiter at "Szechuan Cuisine" on 85th, a few doors off of Greenwood, a few years ago, and then, having read of 7-Stars on the board, parked below, rode the elevator, and were greeted by that very waiter, who lit-up in a most gratifyingly delightful way. I recognized then that I was lost in the mists of time, and it has got worse by the day, since. We are now at least 3 degrees away from the root (not complaining, tho). Heeelp, mr. wizard...

      1. Yes, it's still good, but service has suffered. They sold to the staff, I believe, so you'll see the same faces as before.

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          Actually, they've had some staff turnover lately as they have left to open or manage their own restaurants. There's a couple of the same faces still there but that's it. Service has always been hit or miss until you become a regular, so I don't think that anything is different these days.

        2. I had dinner at 7 Stars Peppers Szechuan for the first time about three weeks ago. Their menu seems abbreviated compared to the tomes available at the Bamboo Garden and Szechuan Chef in Bellevue, which I will compare it to. The former chef/owner of 7 Stars reportedly opened Szechuan Chef.

          I was really into 7 Stars' water boiled fish, one of my favorite dishes, which is more infused with chilis than the Bellevue places, and also has greens and cilantro in the "gravy" in addition to cabbage. Their tripe appetizer was also superior, while I think the Chef's crab is better. I couldn't percieve any difference in dan dan noodles or ma po tofu between any of the three places.

          FWIW, the Bellevue places have always had a much more Chinese clientele than 7 Stars did upon my visit.

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          1. re: equinoise

            The Szechuan Chef in Bellevue is much better and, in my opinion, the best place in the Seattle area for Szechuanese food. I am a city snob but will happily drive out to Bellevue for Szechuan Chef. It's worth it! Overwhelming variety on the menu but the wait staff is good at helping you navigate. cold lotus root appetizer is fabulous.