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Jun 20, 2007 05:00 PM

Quick but good food near Greek

I am going to the Greek Theatre tomorrow evening. Is there decent sit down near the Greek that will not consume my evening. Unwrapping my food is not an option. Open to anything that is good. Thanks chowhounders.

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  1. For quick, I'd say Carousel

    I like House of Pies and Home, but don't know if they qualify as "quick"

    1. Carousel is in Glendale and not at all convienent to the Greek. House of Pies maybe for an after theater slice but not dinner. There are a number of good restaurants in the area. Purans, Farfalle, Simply Thai, il Cappricio, Vermont. Electric Lotus is good for Indian but the service is so unreliable and generally bad that I would not go there if I were on a concert schedual. Louise's offer the only shuttle service but you have to have their 55.00 prix fix menu; not a bad price but not at Louise's. i'm going to Purans and then walking to the theater. It's exactly one mile and you avoid the traffic and stacked parking. Walking in and out may even be faster than driving and it's a real nice way to end the meal and see a nice neighborhood. Enjoy Nora Jones and M Ward.

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        Carousel Cafe is on Hollywood Blvd. not in Glendale. I might also add there are a number of good little restaurants in Little Armenia.

        1. re: Emme

          There is a Carousel in Glendale, but also one in Hollywood. Glendale is a bit better.

        2. re: SteveInSoCal

          Thanks SISC,

          Where do you park at Purans without getting towed?

          1. re: Jeet Yet

            on the street is fine. i believe you are also allowed to park in the lot where YUCAS is, but double check.

            i'd be eating at FARFALLA (capellini all checca, rigatoni ai tre funghi, lasagna bolognese, good pizza and salad), VINOTECA FARFALLA (can eat at the bar), or ALCOVE (good after the greek too). MEXICO CITY is acceptable as well.

        3. All good choices for future referance. Had a real nice meal at Purans. I had the bouillabaisse, friend had the peppercorn steak frite; Both nice portions and reasonable preices. Next week someplace else before Alison Krause. The walk in and back was nice. The traffic didnt seem so bad; but probably walk again next week to justify dessert at Alcove either before or after the show. I think the combination of venue and proximity to good restaurants is better at the Greek than any other venue. BTW enjoyed Nora Jones, M Ward was disappointing.