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Jun 20, 2007 04:27 PM

Tesco coming to SD

Tesco has just announced that they will be opening seven stores in SD county (including one in Point Loma). I've been to the UK many times, and have always hoped that something like Tesco would open here. It's a sort of small-format grocery, with lots of fresh food and nice prepared meals. I think it will fill a niche here. I've always wanted to like Trader Joe's, but I've found the quality of their stuff consistently abysmal (there is a reason it is so cheap...). I've always enjoyed Whole Foods, but find it pricey (duh!) and lacking a lot of the imported goods that I use in cooking (excepting, of course, their cheese selection, which is phenomenal). From my experience of Tesco in the UK, I think it will fall somewhere in the middle (perhaps like Andronico's in the Bay Area or Treasure Island in Chicago).

Has anyone been to a Tesco recently? Does anyone have more info on their plans here in California? I am trying to guage how excited I should be.... (I let myself get worked up for Bristol Farms and have been massively disappointed with everything there but there but their cabbage soup).

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  1. Consumer Bob just did a short report at the 4:00 news and says he will do a follow up on the 5:00 news. He did say that Tesco goes into the neighborhoods where they will be building and check people's cupboards to see what the people who live there buy, so each inventory will be different...

    1. The LA Times had a large article a couple of weeks ago. It mentions roughly 50 Southern Calif stores to start.

      The article says the stores will have about 3,000 products in a 10,000 sq ft store. Besides produce and groceries they will also have prepared meals to go.

      You can read the full article with more details here: