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Jun 20, 2007 04:04 PM

Where to eat near McGaw Park title

Please advise out of. Towner. Anywhere good? Vegetarian options would be over the top. Coming from San Francisco.


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  1. The Firkin in Libertyville offers a big selection of small plates and salads, many of which are veggie-friendly. They also have 3 or 4 veggie entrees as well as a Portabello sandwich. They have the best selection of beers for miles around and an OK list of wines by the glass.

    The Taven, next door, is a more upscale, but pleasant "midwestern" restaurant featuring very good steak and fish. They serve some elaborate salads and maybe one vegetarian pasta dish, but the focus is very much on meat, fowl and fish (although they do offer a variety of ala carte vegetable sides for the steaks). They have a huge wine list.

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    1. re: Roger Spark

      Thanks Roger! I'm back now, but will be going to McGaw Park on future trips as well, so I'll definitely check these out!

    2. If you feel like a bit of a 30 minute drive, head to Kenosha, WI to the Brat Stop and you will definitly enjoy some brats, cheese curds, and other Wisconsin goodies. I'm not sure by your sentence if you want veg or not,'s kind of a neat place.

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        What fun, sounds good to me. The veggie options were because my traveling companion is a vegetarian, so I try to find something that will please us both. Thanks!