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Jun 20, 2007 03:38 PM

ore: peggy's of rice hill--there or gone? alternatives?

About four years ago or maybe five, we took a family road trip from LA to Seattle traveling fairly straight up the I-5 and back again. We got many good tips on places to stop from fellow hounds. This summer, with one more kid to buy a plane ticket for, we've decided to take the drive again.

One of the places we stopped for food and ice cream was Peggy's in Rice Hill. I didn't remember the name at first and had to hunt down my original posts etc to track it down. But now in reviewing more recent posts to the board, it appears that the place has closed. boo hoo---i liked the ice cream for sure.

Does anyone know for sure if the place closed? If it did close, has something decent replaced it? If it was replaced by something awful or nothing at all, any suggestions on where to grab some lunch at that point?

We will be a party of four in one car and two in another. All but one fellow traveler is a true 'hound. We plan to pack alot of ketchup packets and white bread for the difficult eater so the rest of us may dine unfettered except by our not as liberal as we would like budgets.

many thanks.

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  1. The best local BBQ is purported to be in Cottage Grove ~25 min up I5 from Rice Hill. In Creswell, 10 minutes N. of Cottage Grove (on I5) there is a good ice cream Parlor W of I5 on Main Street.

    1. I could have sworn I saw a sign for Peggy's as I passed by this last weekend.

      Big Stuff is the name of the really good BBQ place in Cottage Grove.


      1. I am leaving this afternoon for Medford from Portland I will look and let you know if peggys is still there. I know that the burger place on hte right hand side going south was there last trip and has great Umpqua ice cream its been there for as long as I can remember I'm now 43 so forever.


        1. I am glad to report that Peggys is still in Rice Hill and looks to be open I travled thru there today and at aprox 5pm the open sign was on and cars in front. let me know how it is if you stop in there.

          Big Mike

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            way cool! Thank you so much.

            We will plan on stopping there a week from Saturday and will report on the burgers and ice cream when we get access to email.

            thanks again.

          2. The original comment has been removed