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Jun 20, 2007 03:27 PM

Quirky, top-notch restaurant with a view

My new employer, recently arrived from the UK, wants to hold a very special dinner party next month for a small group of employees (fewer than 5 people total).

The only guidelines are that it be a quirky, upscale (but not formal or stuffy) venue, with a top-notch menu (any cuisine) and a view. (Did I mention my employer is new to New York? She is in love with the skyline.) She'd probably like to keep things in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Price is not a huge object.


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  1. Restaurants with a view that meet all your employer's other requirements are just about nil. River Cafe, which has a sensational view of the Manhattan skyline, is the closest you will get. Since it is in Brooklyn, the moderators prefer that discussions about it take place on the Outer Boroughs board.

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      Thanks for your input (FWIW, my employer already knows about River Cafe - I guess it's just not "quirky" enough).

      Let me go at this from another angle. Do you have any recommendations for quirky, upscale Manhattan restaurants with visually impressive interior spaces?

      1. re: paleologa

        Town is located in a subterranean space -- Would that qualify as quirky? -- that is jaw-droppingly gorgeous! Plus, Chef Geoffrey Zakarian's New American cuisine is excellent. There's a panoramic view of the space on the website.

        One of my favorites, Eleven Madison Park, is in a huge, beautiful space. And Chef Daniel Humm's French-inspired cuisine is sensational! However, it isn't quirky.

        Although they are both upscale, neither place is stuffy or very formal.

        1. re: RGR

          Eleven Madison Park is on my list. :-) Thank you for pointing out Town, as well - I'll definitely pass that one along.

        2. re: paleologa

          'Public' has a nice interior space and great neighborhood... view across the street to a lawn sculpture garden if that counts for anything. Great vibe with a renowned converted library theme.

          'Perry St' is subdued modern chic and across the street is the hudson river and the jersey city skyline.

          'Spice Market' is more of a full on clubby scene and the food may not be upscale enough, but in terms of production value in interior space... hard to match.

          'Morimoto' -- space, food and all that. No views.

          'Sapa' -- another well designed AvroKo space and then maybe walk a block to the rooftop bar 230 fifth after for a full on view on the empire state and midtown. Though you Eleven Madison Park might be tastier package with 230 Fifth.


        It's in Brooklyn - Cobble hill, but with views of the new york skyline. Latin inspired food is supposedly good, prices are moderate to high.

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          For the true quirky experience, I recommend WD-50. Nothing like it in NYC...places with great interiors and great food--Del Posto, Buddakhan, Country..And don't forget Per Se

          1. re: Will4Food

            Asiate at the Mandarin Hotel at The Time Warner Center has a spectacular view.