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Jun 20, 2007 03:02 PM

Peabody Essex Museum lunch restaurant??

We are planning a day trip and are seeking a pleasant lunch.Can you please tell me if the restaurant at the PE Museum is good? Or is there another place for a Saturday lunch that is right nearby that is good?

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  1. The pub at the east end of the street - used to be McSwiggins and now is, I think, The Old Spot - has pretty good pub fare. Never eaten in the museum. The thai restaurant inside the little mall across the street is decent. There are bunch of good restaurants in Salem and I'm sure you'll get more info on them.

    1. If Asahi is still across the street from the Peabody Essex Museum you should check that out. When I was growing-up in the area that was my families go to sushi/Japanese spot. Very good and friendly service.

      1. I like the Lyceum Bar & Grill on Church Street. When I visit the PEM, I always eat there. Food is very good. I really like the crab cake sandwich. They have an excellent brunch on Sundays as well.

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          I've had two very miserable experiences at lunch at the Lyceum in the last year when I was visiting the museum. One involved hairs in the crab cakes and the other rude, surly service. I would stay away.

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            If I remember correctly the marinated portabello mushrooms are delicious there. But its been a long time since I've been there.

          2. There's an exceptional Asian restaurant at the West end of the street called Fresh Taste of Asia. Not your typical Chinese restaurant, I think everything is made on premises--a little different, very fresh tasting.

            1. For better than average Italian, Caffe Graziani at 133 Washington Street, a short stroll from the PEM, is a very good choice.

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                Yes Fresh Taste of Asia is very nice and above average. The Thai place just down past the smoke shop on Washington st is very good too with sushi as well. Their twist on the bento box lunch is quite well done. Both are a short walk from PEM.

                A great greasy spoon is Red's in the alley.