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Jun 20, 2007 02:40 PM

Need Portland Oregon recs

Coming out west this coming Sunday and staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Vaughn.

So Chowhounds, got any recs? Not real interested in haute cuisine, I want some good local specialties, maybe some good seafood or some good Asian food as a backup, but open to anything Chowhoundy.

Oh, and I will be spending some time at Powells too, so someplace close to Burnside would be nice but not necessary.

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  1. Meriwhethers is just a couple of blocks away, and specializes in local specialties. Also, a bit of a walk, or a short drive, is Portland Brewing. You're not far from Bewon, a highly regarded Korean restaurant, and considered by some to be among the best in the city. You're also a short walk from St. Honore Bakery for great french pastries and sandwiches. You can get drunk at Mcmenamins Tavern and Pool and walk home.

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      Note: Meriwhethers has the best fish and chips I have ever eaten in my life. They also make a nice hibiscus, and champagne with marionberries, which as a californian, was a delight!

    2. Filbert's is very near the Inn; I've heard it's great.
      Also nearby is a new Grand Central Bakery opening this weekend. Great sandwiches, cookies.

      Sahagun Chocolate is 1/4 up Burnside from Powell's. 10 NW 16th. Open Sat-Wed, 10-6. Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Soda, handmade truffles & other goodies, not to be missed.

      1. We don't have local specialty dishes. We have local ingredients.

        All good suggestions below, except McMenamins -- at least for food. Besaw's makes good breakfast. Filbert's doesn't really have the lower cost options like Meriwether's, though, which has burgers, fish and chips, etc. If you go to Bewon, get the $25 7 course meal. There's a sausage cart just west of the motel up Vaughn at lunchtime. Avoid Esan Thai.

        Near Powell's, try Clyde Common, Cafe Voila, Masu, and Pearl Bakery.


        1. Where you are staying is really close to Clear Creek Distillery:
          Distilled local specialties! Awesome brandies, liquers, etc. all made from local fruit. Free tasting, but make sure you eat something first! ;o)

          Also very close to Powell's is Half and Half for very good sandwiches and tasty baked goods (incl. pie!):

          And near Powell's is also cacao (a great chocolate store that sells some local and some not local chocolates and hot chocolate):

          Sahagun makes all their own chocolate and is also a great stop. I suggest visiting both Sahagun and cacao!

          And there's a Mio gelato around the block from Powell's, which has some tasty gelato (although the best gelato in town, IMO, is a Via Delizia, a short walk up from Powell's:

          1. Well, thanks to the sheer byzantine machinations of US Airways, I was robbed of my day in Portland. Instead of getting into town at noon on Sunday, I got there at around 7:30. By the time I got my car and drove to the hotel, the evening was pretty much over. I did manage to get to Meriwether's. I liked the idea. The restaurant is something that I could identify as something northwest. I had the octopus salad appetizer. Excellent work with the octopus, melts in your mouth tender. The juxtaposition with the potatoes, octopus, and chorizo was just dynamite. Loved it.

            I also ordered the soup, it wasn't very memorable, way too salty.

            I also had the pork chop lilanese. The breading on the chop was a tad too much, but the flavor and texture was dead on. The whole pork chop, fried fritter style, was covered in augula, tomatoes, and reggiano, and it was an incredible combination. I loved it. The peppery taste of the arugula and the mature flavor of the reggiano really complemented the fatty fired texture of the chop. The cherry tomatoes added the necessary sweetness and fruitiness. I loved it, and I was impressed. The service was friendly and quite humorous.

            The next day for lunch, I went to MacTarnahans. Cool brew pub. I had the fish and chip. Nice flavor but the fish was not a true english fish. I had a hankering for haddock, but of ocure they didn't use haddock. Chips were Ok. Beers were excellent. people I was with had the openface steak sandwich drowning in brown gravy, looking like a yorkshire pudding, without the pudding.

            Anyhow, I wish I had more time, but I enjoyed my short visit. Oh, I didn't even have time to go to Powells. Oh, that still kills me. I have US Airways!