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Jun 20, 2007 02:29 PM


I am in search of a restaurant that offers flights of wine AND has good food!!! Also, it needs to be downtown (i.e. below 34th).

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  1. I had a lovely flight with lovely food at the enetoca of I trulli on 27th street.

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      Yes, Enoteca i Trulli is a good bet. They have 6-8 choices of regional Italian flights, good bar food and a nice low-key vibe. I was disappointed by the main restaurant, however.

    2. MetroCafe & Wine bar

      1. Artisanal has delicious food and some very nice (and generous) wine flights. Cheese and oysters and wine... mmm...

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          thanks so much everyone! keep this post alive! would these places be good for dates?

        2. Hearth in the East Village has wine flights with their tasting menu. - nicely-chosen wines and very good dishes with the best ingredients to boot.

          If you go a la carte or even with the tasting menu without the wine pairing, they have 3 oz. by the glass wines that are generously poured that were picked to go with the current menu. Everything will be offered to you to taste first before you decide. Paul the wine guy and also one of the owner, knows the good stuff to quaff and which almost always go very well with Marco's dishes.

          1. The Monday Room (the wine bar off of Public), great selection, with the option of half glasses (great for the lightweights who want to try more). Not much selection in terms of food, but the small plates they do have are quite nice, I'm still thinking about that bite of eel with quail egg.