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Jun 20, 2007 02:19 PM

Alfresco dining on the north/northwest side (BYOB a plus!)

I am sure there have been a million posts about alfresco dining but I would love to know of your favorite spots in Lakeview/Andersonville/Lincoln Square/Roscoe Village. What places have the cutest deck and food combination? BYOB places with outdoor dining a major plus! On the cheaper side is always good too...

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  1. Anteprima, on Clark in Andersonville, has a great patio in the back and a great wine list. A bit north on Broadway (just south of Thorndale) is Moody's - the perfect place for a beer and the best burgers in town - also, very easy on the wallet.

    1. In Lincoln Square, Bistro campagne is lovely. Delicious French food and a beautiful setting, inside and on the patio; medium priced.