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Jun 20, 2007 02:00 PM

chinese banquet spots in south bay/torrance

There doesn't seem to be much choice for Chinese dinner banquet places in the south bay other than Sea Empress and Regal Palace. I tried Sea Empress for dinner a couple weeks ago and it was alright. The rock cod was a ripoff and not very good (they didn't even scale it properly), but everything else was decent, snow pea leaves were fresh and tender. Can anyone give an opinion of Regal Palace vs. Sea Empress? Sea Empress looks like it will accommodate our party size (40-60) pretty well, but it's pricey, easily $400 per table. I've never been to regal palace so wouldn't know how it is. Although I might try it for dim sum this weekend (even though it's hard to compare dim sum food vs. dinner food).

If anyone is in the know, or can recommend another venue, please share! Thanks!

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  1. I personally don't much care for Sea Empress. Our dog club has had dinners there and we weren't too happy. Food is so-so, service almost that good. They kept the small banquet room way too chilly, even when we asked them to moderate the AC. One guy ordered hot sake, had the waitress re-heat it because it was tepid. (Ozeki, small bottle, not a pitcher. You can debate hot vs cold, but the guy is from northern Japan and that's the way he drinks it )

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      I totally agree that Sea Empress has the AC on too high, our food got cold within a couple of minutes, and Chinese food needs to be piping hot!

    2. The best Chinese food I have had in the South Bay(and they can accomodate your group easily in their banquet space) is at Peninsula Center...Fu Yuan Low. great food, excellent service. We have been going there for almost 15 years. Ask for the owner..Linda will not be sorry

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        Thanks for the Fu Yuan Low recc, we will have to check them out. Maybe we'll hit Regal and Fu Yuan Low this weekend.

      2. I like Szechuan Restaurant at the corner of PCH and Oak. Their live seafood is excellent and service is generally good. They have dedicate banquet rooms or if your party is way large they can close off the back half of the restaurant.

        1. So we checked out Fu Yuan Low this weekend, and they don't have a banquet menu. We didn't eat anything there, but we saw quite a few diners, but not one of them Chinese. That turned us off, plus they set the tables with silverware, not chopsticks, so that gave us a hint as to who they cater towards. The food did look pretty good, so I'm sure it's ok. But not exactly what we're looking for.

          We also went to PCH Chinese Restaurant on PCH and Western. It's closed still for rennovation. It changed owners and they're bringing in a new chef from Hong Kong. We met the owners, a young couple with a baby from Guangzhou. Very nice people and said they are planning on opening within the next 2 weeks. They have a private room in the back that will be able to accommodate our party nicely, and can prepare anything we want (live shrimps, lobster, etc.). We'll be back to check it out when it opens, and post a review. But as of now, it's our pick. It's all about going to the nice family run joints that are just starting up and where they care about their customer's experience and will try to do everything they can to please you. Not like Sea Empress where you're just another dinner party to them.