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Jun 20, 2007 01:48 PM

Has the DOTCH! japanese cooking show been cancelled/replaced??

Hi... Here in the Los Angeles, when I tuned in for my local Saturday 8:00 p.m. dosage of DOTCH! cooking show, it seemed to be replaced by an inferior concept cooking show. The new show is harder to follow, the concept is different, and its just not DOTCH. Anyone anywhere know if DOTCH is gone for good, on hiatus, or otherwise switched to a different schedule? Thanks...

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  1. Dotch was cancelled in Japan about Nov 06, and many of the shows near the end were "specials", so those probably won't make it to the LA channel. I'm curious what the new show is that replaced Dotch on KSCI?

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      Thanks for the response... The new show appears to be also japanese (with no english subtitles). As best as I could gather,. the concept seems to be as follows: two amateur contestants appear to cook their own signature dish in their own homes, then a normal (non-celebrity) judge tastes each of their creations, and based on three categories of quality ( perhaps taste, presentation, and creativity?), they receive a score, and one contestant is pronounced the winner. Again, i don't speak or read japanese, so this is just a guess based on two week's half-hearted viewing on my part. Last week, one contestant appeared to be a sumo wrestler living with either two other wrestlers (or perhaps his equally hefty siblings) and the other contestant, a woman of indeterminate singularity. The best part of the show was watching the sumo guy down about a gallon of water to quench his thirst after pounding down a huge serving of sumo-wrestler-type-weight-gaining soup, then literally rolling away from the table and falling fast asleep on the floor... Other reports may completely nullify my guesses as to the new show's concept, but that's what appeared to occur during the segment I viewed... I miss DOTCH...

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        yeah, i miss it too. this new show looks like it might be fun, but not speaking any Japanese, i'm not curious enough to sit through 30 minutes of guessing what they're saying.

      2. It ended early this month... sad but true. :( Unfortunately this new show doesn't have subtitles! I miss Dotch dearly. Wish we could have seen those extra specials.

        One portion I viewed had a heavyset group of men trying to cook for themselves on a very small budget (I think 1000 yen??) for the week. That might be the same episode silence9 watched. It was entertaining for a bit but since I couldn't understand it, I stopped watching...

        1. According to an LA Times piece, KSCI knew the show was running out but even though it was popular, had no plans to rebroadcast Dotch! after it's run.

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          1. Someone has graciously posted around 25 of the episodes at to watch online (be sure to thank him!). My Asian cooking-show fix is thankfully still being satiated due to it.