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Jun 20, 2007 01:16 PM

Zenebech Injera?

I read on Tyler Cowen's guide that Zenebech Injera is the best ethiopian restaurant in town. I did a search on this board and couldn't find a single review. Has anyone been? Is it better than the Board's favorite (i.e. Dukem and Etete?)


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  1. WAYYY Better than Dukem and Etete! Those are touristy spots catering to all the implants. Zenebech is where folk from eithiopia go to pick up dinner. They give you three times as much with better flavor and at a better price. Dukem always messes up my order (like if I want only yellow peas and cabbage and no lentils, they'll give me only lentils) and really doesn't cook their dishes fresh.

    Zenebech Injera always cooks the meals to order and its cheaper.

    1. I tried to go for the first time a few weeks ago and it was closed down, possibly for renovation/ plumbing problems. I'd call first.

      I flat out don't like Dukem. Etete has the deepest, most delicious menu of any. Queen Makeda is homier, just as delicious as Etete, but not as big a menu.

      It's all about who developed the recipes and the execution. Happily, the 'tourist' trade has not altered how good Etete is.

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        I drive by on a regular basis and judging from the ladders in the windows I'd guess that some sort of renovation is going on. Don't know for sure though.