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Jun 20, 2007 01:08 PM

Chinese Food in Atlanta?

I'm (relatively) new to Atlanta and haven't found a Chinese restaurant that is anything close to the Chinese I grew up with (San Francisco). Any recommendations for your favorite, authentic Chinese place? I live in Smyrna, but will travel for the good stuff. Lots of people say "Buford Hwy" but yeah...but there are a ton of places there! Which is the best? Or even one around my way would be great (Chin Chin? Is that good? What about Lee's Golden Buddah?)

Thanks so much!

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  1. Sorry to tell you that Atlanta isn't going to hold a candle to SF..... my husband and I talk all the time about how we would fly all the way there, eat dim sum, and then fly back. That's it.
    I go to Chin Chin's mostly because it's 1/4 mile from my house.

    1. I'll probably get chided for saying this (everyone who lives in Atlanta seems to hate downtown Atlanta) but Hsu's on Peachtree Center in the heart of downtown has been serving some really good food for a number of years. Will it compare favorably with places in San Francisco? Don't know, I've never been- but would probably guess not. But if your expectations aren't too high, then you might be pleasantly surprised...

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        I like a place in Asia square on Buford Highway called Barbecue Corner II. This no longer serves Barbecue since new owners took it over but the regular Chinese food is very authentic and high quality. Make sure to ask for chopsticks and let them know you want authentic food.
        Tasty China on Loop 20 off of I 75 has been covered extensively here and it is out of this world for spicy food.

      2. Being a Bay Area native who now live in Atlanta, I know what you miss. Atlanta doesn't have anything like what you can find in SF... but there are a few that will "do" for me when I am craving for Chinese food.

        China Inn (on Peachtree Industrial)- It's located in this dying shopping center, but the inside is actually pretty. They serve a little bit of everything from various Chinese regions. Ask for the Chinese menu if you can read it. It has authentic Chinese dishes that are not on the English menu.

        Oriental Pearl (in Chamblee)- They have decent dim sum for the Atlanta area. Their items are pretty fresh. The place can be packed on weekends.

        Tasty China (in Marietta)- Even though the owner recently changed, I think they still have pretty authentic Szechuan food you can't really find in the Bay Area.

        Ming's BBQ (in the Ranch 99 Plaza on Buford Highway)- This is your typical cha-shu place where they sell hanging ducks, chickens, and pigs.

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          Thanks all! I'll give them a try.

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            Tasty China is by far and away the best. Yes, the chef did leave recently but the drop off in quality has been negligible. Do a search on the board as there are tons of posts on the place.

            Another good place is Sichuan House on State Bridge Road in Duluth. You should also check out the food court at Chinatown Plaza on New Peachtree, they have several options, including a hot pot stand, bbq stand and one that serves the menu from the much loved but now closed Frank Ma's. Also there's Little Szechuan on and Chef Liu's on BuHi. The latter of which I have not tried but the soup dumplings come highly recommended. There are posts on this board on that place too. The former is okay in my book. Lastly, I've got decent takeout from the place on Cheshire, the name which escapes me at the moment.

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              Eatenpath, you nailed the two best: Tasty China and Sichuan House.

        2. Lee's Golden Buddah is so-so, but Chopstix (just north of Lee's on Roswell in Buckhead) is pretty damn good. Excellent hot and sour soup.