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best pizza in or around Rochester Hills, MI?

We'd love a great place that also delivers. Thanks!

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  1. I don't think that they deliver, but Crust makes a very good pie. Jet's, a local chain, probably delivers and their pie is worthy of a try. I don't normally eat deep dish pizza, but I like their's.

    1. have been to crust a couple of times and it is good.

      our two standbys: alibi (eat in or carry out but no delivery) and jets (chain; large cheese +1 < $10)

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        YES! Definitely try Alibi. Excellent suggestion. I lived in RH for a few years, and we ordered from King's (not sure if it's a chain; I think it is). Is there a Buddy's closer than the one on Van Dyke and 13 Mile? In any case, I love their pizza and love that you can get a half-baked one for those times when you don't want to cook a meal, but aren't dying to eat pronto.

        I've not heard of Crust; someone tell me more about it, please. Is it new? A chain? Where is it located, precisely? Thank you.

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          crust is about a year old. at the corner of rochester & auburn is a huge shopping development (target, best buy, kohls, star theater, and a lot of little places). out on the northwest corner is a small pad that has crust and a few other stores (chipotle, omaha steaks, etc.)

          it's a fairly small and warm place with tables and hightops and a bar. pizzas are thin crust style from a wood fired oven. decent salads. beer & wine. have been a couple of times and enjoyed it.

          i think they may have another one on the west side.

          here is the metro times review:


      2. Great, thanks to both of you. More ideas would also be appreciated--one can never have too many good pizza places to choose from.

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          Do yourself a favor and hop on I-75 and get off at 9 Mile Road. Go about 1.1 miles east to Dequindre, and go north about 1/8 of a mile to Loui's Pizza. Still the best pizza I've ever eaten in my life. They do carry-out, but don't deliver.

          Trust me: it'll be worth it.

        2. I used to enjoy the pizza from Antoniou's Pizza (918 S. Rochester Rd.) when I lived in Rochester Hills 6-7 years ago. Not sure how it is now but they do deliver.

          1. There's a Buddy's at Squirrel & Walton. I'd also second the Crust recommendation. Unfortunately, I don't believe either delivers.

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              Any new finds? I don't want to go through a lot of duds and want to avoid the huge chains.


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                Loui's is *no* dud. Even if you only like it *half* as much as I do, you'll love it. Worth the trip. Really.

            2. IMO the best pizza in the area is easilly at Kruse & Muer at Adams & Walton in the Meadowbrook Village shops. No delivery but definatly worth the drive. If you don't mind a driva pizzapapalis on Northwestern in Southfield, Greektown or at Detroit Metro.



              1. LOVE Jet's. The cheese is great. There is some soy in there though. My husband has an allergy and he's reacted to Jet's. Which is a shame, because it's delicious.

                1. Another HUGE thumbs up for Alibi. Before moving to AZ, I lived right around the corner from it. Best pizza, hands down. Their crust is a little bit sweet/yeasty (hard to describe) but is sooo good.

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                    Count me as another Alibi pizza lover, especially with the antipasto salad.