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Jun 20, 2007 12:40 PM

Baltimore Restaurant Week is Back for Second Helping

Hi Everyone- Just wanted to let you know that Baltimore Restaurant Week returns this summer from July 30 - August 5. More than 80 restaurants have signed up this year.

For a complete list of restaurants, discounted parking information and more visit

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  1. It's nice to see Baltimore area restaurants doing this. However, it's $30.07 for a 3 course meal, and at A LOT of the places listed (not naming names), it would not equal a good deal. If a place has average entrees of around $20, you would think an app would be around $7-8 and dessert around $5. Add that up and it's about $32. So I'm paying $2 less for a limited menu and most likely, hurried service due to rest week.

    I can also see at least 4-5 places in which the price would actually be a pretty bad deal - you'd be paying at least $5 more for the limited menu. I'll stick with the places (Da Mimmo, Prime Rib, Black Olive etc.) in which the $30.07 is a bargain and a good amount less than what you would normally pay.

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    1. re: toro head

      I went to the Prime Rib last year for RW and it was fantastic. I'm trying to figure out where to go this year. I think I'm deciding between Tio Pepe, Bicycle, Black Olive and Timothy Dean (though I'm open for suggestions for others.

      1. re: toro head

        Do yourself a favor and take Da Mimmo off your list. A small group of us went for last year's Restaurant Week and it still stands out as potentially the WORST dining experience of my entire life. I'll try not to rant too much, but a few highlights: To call the server condescending, rude, and inattentive doesn't really do him justice, it was like he was making an actual concerted effort to be hateful - took eyerolling, sneering, and interrupting to new, previously unseen heights. As a former (long-time) server, I'm always way too forgiving to poor service and I STILL felt that leaving him a 5% tip was being too generous.
        The RW menu from the website didn't match what was offered, and though it was still early, they were out of all but two RW items, so we ended up going off the regular menu. Shame, because as Baltimore Little Italy fare goes, the food (when it arrived MUCH later) actually wasn't too bad.
        Finally, I think the true masterpiece came as we were leaving, we found that we couldn't get out of the front door, due to the gentleman (owner?, head chef?, someone in chef whites) blocking the doorway so he could continue screaming into the street at another irate patron and his wife 'Go ahead and tell whoever you want, I don't care who you are!! Good riddance, you creep!!'

        Real classy operation...

        Anyway, just my opinion, but there you go...

        1. re: rawdog

          Noted. I've never been there. Maybe I'll wait until someone else is paying.

        2. re: toro head

          I'll go ahead and name names, based on a cursory examination and hampered by the fact that not all the RW menus are up and too few restaurants list prices on their websites. (Flash animation and PDF menus: argh, don't get me started.)

          If you pick the most expensive entree, Bertha's, Blue Agave, Edo Sushi, Germano's, Gertrude's, Sabatino's and Tir Na Nog appear to be at best a savings of between $1 and $6. Considering the menu is limited, not worth it at all. The Helmand, Mondo Bondo and Houlihan's (!?) probably fit in this category too, but they don't list prices on their website. Lebanese Taverna is no deal but at least they include a glass of wine.

          Cafe Hon, Ding How, Rams Head, Ryleigh's range from approximately total rip-off to $1 over list price.

          Certainly there are some restaurants that are good deals; I look forward to trying some of them. However, too many aren't. If the organizers care more about quantity of restaurants rather than quality, they should insist on a price point below $30. Otherwise, it's obnoxious.

          1. re: sweetpotater

            I agree with your comments about value. However, for me the worst part of RW is that it just looks boring.

          2. re: toro head

            I'm with you TH - I was intrigued by the concept, then looked at the list (the Hon?? get out!!! and I like that place!); and the menus mostly weren't too inspiring, plus, when I go out I rarely order desert. I would rather get app/salad/entree for my 3 courses but doesn't look like that's an option anywhere. $60 then for 2 courses + drinks + wine doesn't seem that good a deal for me & mr. b.

            1. re: toro head

              I've been wanting to try Prime week is the time to do it...would you know if I could make a reservation just for one, like on a Thursday early??

            2. So... besides the good deal issue, are there any restaurants that are worth trying during Restaurant Week? Based on past RW experiences?

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              1. re: daveinmd

                I went to Prime Rib last year and thought it was great. Type of place that I could never afford normally, good excuse to dress up and have a nice fancy nice out.

                This year I'm tihnknig of going to Tio Pepes.

                1. re: jes

                  I was looking at Prime Rib too. Capital Grill looks like it has the same menu for lunch and dinner, and $20 for 8 oz filet, appetizer, and dessert is a pretty good deal.

                  Any comments on Bicycle, Aldo's, Oceannaire Seafood, Le Petit Bistro, Timothy Dean's Bistro?

                  1. re: daveinmd

                    I noticed the same great deal at Capital Grille, I'll be going there for lunch mid-week. Good luck on getting a reservation at Bicycle on OpenTable, the only one I could snag was for 9:30pm.

                    Aldo's is delicious, but I don't think their RW menu is representative of what they have to offer. Oceannaire's menu seems a little boring to me, I'm more curious about Blue Sea Grille (who hasn't posted their menu yet, but I've had amazing meals there outside of RW!). Timothy Dean has unfortunately never impressed me.

                    I'll also be going to Sotto Sopra, Brasserie Tatin, and hopefully True. More on my Restaurant Week top picks are posted here, if you're interested!:

                    1. re: pattiat600block

                      I very firmly recommend that you do not go to True. Last year at RW I had a terrible dining experience. There was one! server working, and the timing and temperature of the food we were served led me to speculate that perhaps she was also cooking it. And the food was not even close to good enough to make up for the lousy service...and the close to an hour wait till our table was ready. They may be better at other times, but they really cut corners during RW.

                      1. re: wawajb

                        Oh no, I just made the reservation the other day. True was one of the few places I had wanted to try that I had never been to. Has anyone tried this place outside of Restaurant Week?

                        1. re: pattiat600block

                          I haven't been to True (as I'd been heeding the board's advice), but I have been to Brasserie and all I can recommend is that you read this thread: