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Jun 20, 2007 12:28 PM

Breakfast near Dulles-Layover

My parents are coming into Dulles in two weeks at 7 am and have a six hour layover. I am going to see them (they live abroad) and wanted to take them to a restaurant that serves a nice breakfast, preferably not a buffet. I'm looking for an elegant but relaxed atmosphere, with somewhat light food. Think continental, rather than American breakfast: fruits, toasts (no need for eggs and bacon), and one requirement very good coffee. Thanks!

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  1. I'm going to toss this out there in case you change your mind as to what you'd like to provide your parents, but for a local flavor, take them to Payne's Restaurant in Centreville. Breakfast there can't be beat with a stick (they've tried, I'm sure). They're a throwback to the days of yore when Centreville was in the boon-docks and the locals knew each other. After breakfast, head next door to Jamie's General Bean for a wide variety of coffee to keep them awake for the next leg of their journey.

    There's nothing elegant about either one, but both fit your relaxed requirement!

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      Payne's is decent, but a little low-brow. I'd skip it and go to Amphora instead. Jamie's is a nice spot, though.

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        Payne's is awful! Bad coffee, they have no idea of how to do eggs over easy as the white is uncooked and their fries are never cooked enough, no crisp or browning.

      2. Any of the nicer large hotels near Dulles will most likely have what you're looking for.

        1. There's an Amphora in Herndon - Elden St north of the toll road (2nd exit from airport). It would fit the bill.

          Otherwise, without suggesting Silver Diner, I'd rec Lake Anne - for the coffee shop or the cafe - both have breakfast, and while good, it's nothing overly special - but you do get al fresco dining.

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            I had forgotten about the Amphora. Yea, that's much better than Payne's (and closer to boot).

          2. Market Street Bar & Grill at the Reston Town Center Hyatt has always done a great breakfast (and brunch on weekends). Hotel prices, granted, but it's a very pleasant atmosphere, and not your typical vast and expansive hotel dining room. It feels like a small upscale restaurant and is a good place to linger. Also allows you to roam the shops at the Town Center to kill some time.

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              Yes, I second Market Street. It has what you're looking for -- it's right up the Toll Road from the airport, maybe five miles, and it has the European style continental breakfast in a nice setting. It even has the bacon and eggs on the buffet table too.