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Breakfast near Dulles-Layover

dcbean Jun 20, 2007 12:28 PM

My parents are coming into Dulles in two weeks at 7 am and have a six hour layover. I am going to see them (they live abroad) and wanted to take them to a restaurant that serves a nice breakfast, preferably not a buffet. I'm looking for an elegant but relaxed atmosphere, with somewhat light food. Think continental, rather than American breakfast: fruits, toasts (no need for eggs and bacon), and one requirement very good coffee. Thanks!

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    SamFelis Jun 20, 2007 12:55 PM

    I'm going to toss this out there in case you change your mind as to what you'd like to provide your parents, but for a local flavor, take them to Payne's Restaurant in Centreville. Breakfast there can't be beat with a stick (they've tried, I'm sure). They're a throwback to the days of yore when Centreville was in the boon-docks and the locals knew each other. After breakfast, head next door to Jamie's General Bean for a wide variety of coffee to keep them awake for the next leg of their journey.

    There's nothing elegant about either one, but both fit your relaxed requirement!

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    1. re: SamFelis
      biscuit Jun 27, 2007 08:59 PM

      Payne's is decent, but a little low-brow. I'd skip it and go to Amphora instead. Jamie's is a nice spot, though.

      1. re: SamFelis
        catowner Jul 10, 2007 04:25 PM

        Payne's is awful! Bad coffee, they have no idea of how to do eggs over easy as the white is uncooked and their fries are never cooked enough, no crisp or browning.

      2. w
        weezycom Jun 21, 2007 07:59 AM

        Any of the nicer large hotels near Dulles will most likely have what you're looking for.

        1. Dennis S Jun 21, 2007 11:22 AM

          There's an Amphora in Herndon - Elden St north of the toll road (2nd exit from airport). It would fit the bill.

          Otherwise, without suggesting Silver Diner, I'd rec Lake Anne - for the coffee shop or the cafe - both have breakfast, and while good, it's nothing overly special - but you do get al fresco dining.

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          1. re: Dennis S
            SamFelis Jun 27, 2007 07:48 AM

            I had forgotten about the Amphora. Yea, that's much better than Payne's (and closer to boot).

          2. Meg Jun 27, 2007 08:11 PM

            Market Street Bar & Grill at the Reston Town Center Hyatt has always done a great breakfast (and brunch on weekends). Hotel prices, granted, but it's a very pleasant atmosphere, and not your typical vast and expansive hotel dining room. It feels like a small upscale restaurant and is a good place to linger. Also allows you to roam the shops at the Town Center to kill some time.

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            1. re: Meg
              BigEats Jun 29, 2007 04:12 PM

              Yes, I second Market Street. It has what you're looking for -- it's right up the Toll Road from the airport, maybe five miles, and it has the European style continental breakfast in a nice setting. It even has the bacon and eggs on the buffet table too.

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