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Jun 20, 2007 12:24 PM

Garlic Scapes

I was at the local produce stand this morning and picked up a big, beautiful bunch of garlic scapes. Just one question... what should I do with them?

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  1. Steam them gently, or blanch them in REALLY salty water for a minute or two, then serve with butter and salt. They are so good you need not mess with them much. And eat a lot of them - they only show up in markets a few weeks a year.

      1. They're great stir fried with oyster mushrooms, a few chopped shrimp, and oyster sauce. Made that in Thai cooking class and it got devoured!

        1. Make a traditional Italian frittata. Delish.

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            any great recipes in particular to try? I also want to include some fresh organic ricotta....

          2. For others as ignorant as I, the scape is the immature flower stalk of the garlic which has to be trimmed at just the right time. If it is allowed to mature, it becomes tough. Scapes apparently only grow on some types of garlic (hardneck varieties - whatever that means). Amazing what you learn on the internet.