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Jun 20, 2007 12:18 PM

Freemans or Bar Martignetti

Different, I know - but what's better for a party of 20 (25th birthday celebration)?

Freeman's has a great price fixed menu and an enclosed room but what about Bar Martignetti?

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  1. Go to Freemans' hands-down - more vibrant atmosphere and much better food.

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    1. re: hollydee

      Thanks for your quick reply - it's set!

      1. re: laurieb0078

        What's the price fixed menu like, out of curiosity?

        1. re: jsgjewels

          it's $50 - great value lots of food. they bring out bread and crackers first, then you choose 2 apps served family style, one salad served family style, entrees are a la carte (pick three for everyone to choose from), two sides served family style and three desserts - family style. they also have cute rooms for diff sized parties. one holds up to 20.