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Jun 20, 2007 12:16 PM

Light, airy tofu cheesecake recipe search

I'm looking for a recipe that will allow me to replicate, as closely as possible, the tofu cheesecake that I had at Morimoto. It was very light & airy & served on a thin sponge cake bottom. It appeared to be set w/ gelatin & had a very, very light "cheeecake" flavor to it. I've been searching everywhere for a recipe, but most seem to yield a much more traditional & dense cheesecake. any ideas?

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  1. Possibly whipped egg whites folded in ?

    1. Perhaps the egg whites might help. FYI, I'd probably avoid the no-bake versions for the most part because they're pretty custardy, rather than fluffy. The only thing I can think of with a no-bake would be tofu and cream cheese together with agar-agar or gelatin, and the cream cheese might create the fluffiness.

      I think you're in LA, so if all else fails, try M Cafe de Chaya's version, and then ask the staff for tips on replicating it at home :-)

      1. Not sure about the addition of tofu, but I recently attempted Cook's Illustrated's version of light & airy cheesecake.
        The recipe said to bake it in a springform pan that's been wrapped in tinfoil and then place it in a water bath. This did not work. So doing it without the water bath, I discovered the recipe didn't work at all, turned out underdone in the middle.

        So beware on your baking technique! Let me know if you find a better method of baking it.

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          The recipes on the Japanese website include cream cheese, tofu, whole cream, lemon juice, vanilla, and some gelatin.

          And how are these for mouthwatering photos??