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Best Martini's in DC?

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I've have great one's at Oceanaire and have heard Zola has good one's too. Looking for a good spot to take a girl for after work cocktails.

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  1. Round Robin Bar does good martinis, but it really depends on which bartender is running the bar.

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      Thanks, I am definitely looking for something Downtown.

    2. What area are you looking in specifically? A few nights ago walking home from work in Chinatown, I happened on a great spot. PS7's on I street. It was almost empty but had a really cool vibe, great drinks, calm, quiet, sexy. I didn't understand why it wasn't really full. http://www.ps7restaurant.com/index.html

      1. Zola was good, they have a nice bar area. Oya is a kind of swanky place they made a good peach martini they other night, but I haven't tried any others. It is up a block from Zayntnia as I recall.