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After Italy:Search for Gelato in Atlanta

One of the most memorable things I ate over and over again while in Sorrento and Rome was gelato. But now that we're back home in the Atlanta area where do I go for my gelato fix? Nobody's ice cream even comes close! I've even thought of attempting to make some myself-yikes! Any ideas?

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  1. Paolo's Gelato 1025 Virginia Avenue, yummy.

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      Ditto on Paolo's. Nice weekend scene.

    2. Alas, some things are simply better in Italy. Paolo's is decent, but you may want to wait a while to let those Rome gelato memories fade a bit before heading over.

      I'd love to hear other suggestions as well, but so far, I haven't found anything that compares to something Giolitti in Rome.

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        Agreed. I've just come back from an international trip and found myself wondering why just about EVERYTHING is so much better! Less preservatives, less artificial junk, etc, not sure, but from ice cream to yogurt to produce to baked goods.....
        I've sworn off trying to replicate anything for awhile.

      2. Whole Foods on Ponce has a gelato stand.

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          the Whole Foods in Duluth also has in-house made gelato.

        2. There is a very Italian Gelato place in Smyrna on the square. I know what you mean about Gelato. I ate my body weight in gelato while in Florence.

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            Yes - we used to go to this place after lunch when I worked there! Awesome real Italien gelato, but I can't remember the name. They had wierd hours too, so we stopped going because they were never open. But the hazelnut was awesome!

          2. Thanks guys for the advice-we'll give Paolo's a try...if I can find a darn parking spot!

            1. "I have to tell you all. Sogno Gelato in Alpharetta is by far the best gelato in Atlanta. If you are intrested in great gelato in the Atlanta area, go there. Recommend by a true gelato guru.

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                Sogno is closed. So is Paolo the only game in town? Morelli's is ice cream I think, but has a good reputation.

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                  Here are some Atlanta area stops for gelato: Smyrna 'St. Angelo's Pizza, Powder Springs 'Pomarico's Pizza, Lenox 'Pizzeria Venti', Piedmont 'Repicci's Real Italian', Cabbage Town 'Village Pizza', Chastain Park ' Gelato Stop' (in the green truck). Lots of Choices and delicious gelato and sorbetto.

                  Pizzeria Venti
                  2770 Lenox Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

                  Village Pizza
                  186 Carroll St SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

              2. I am very surprised to see that no one has said Alon's. Alon's used to have a gelato shop right next to their HIghlands location called What's the Scoop? that was fabulous. They closed that location, but the Alon's in Ashford Dunwoody now serves gelato. It's not as good as What's the Scoop used to be but very close.

                I'm pretty picky about my gelato, having tried it in Rome, Florence, and the Amalfi coast, so I would definitely vouch for Alon's (especially in comparison to Paolo's).

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                  I really miss What's the Scoop. Have been by the Yofabulous or whatever that's there now a few times lately and there always seems to be a (younger) crowd out front. We tried it once but I thought it was kinda gross. I very rarely get up to the Alon's at Perimeter. May have to make a trip to get gelato sometime. We take the Chowpup occasionally to Paolo's, which works for that (I get a micro cone just to try something).

                2. Not a storefront, but The Fresh Market near me has just added a new gelato brand that we are loving right now. It's called "Talenti" and comes in a plastic jar with a screw top. We've been pigging out on the pistachio, and this week tried the chocolate and love that too. Although at $6/jar, it's really pricy, they were promoting it at $4 last week. (of course we're not talking ice cream, but they also started offering pints of Graeter's too which I loved growing up in OH)

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                    Talenti is excellent. I've been carrying it in my Health Food store for about 5 years. Matter of fact, I recently made David Lebovitz's Salted Caramel Gelato in my new Delonghi machine. It took well over 2 hours to make and although it was very good, everyone preferred Talenti's version by a hair.
                    On a side note, Paolo's was decidedly disappointing. I had read it was the best and my honey and I both thought it tasted vaguely artificial, lacked a good mouthfeel, and was too sweet. We did not even finish the cones. The best I've had out was at Pizzeria Venti. Their Coconut Almond Chocolate is perfectly executed. Great creaminess and wonderful balance amongst bright coconut, crunchy almonds and heavy duty fudgey chocolate. Totally addicting.

                    Pizzeria Venti
                    2770 Lenox Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

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                      Based on vitaman's review, I picked up a pint of Talenti's salted caramel last night, and it was tremendous.