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Jun 20, 2007 11:33 AM

South Shore Butcher?

After reading Heat by Bill Buford and Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan I'd like to find a good butcher on the south shore who sells grass fed beef and wild boar. Any suggestions?

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  1. Only place I can think of might be Whole Foods in Hingham.

    1. Check if river rock farm (google it, sorry no linky) will deliver.. local, good folks, amazing product, and not over expensive IMHO..

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        I have to disagree on prices not beinang over expensive. The prices are comparable if not moreexpensive than Whole Foods. But, you are supporting a local farm which is always a good thing.

      2. Maybe try Kinnealy Meats, located in the Milton Marketplace (E. Milton Square)? They have website: They also have a phone number if you want to inquire. Their specialty catalog shows they do sell boar, but no idea if their beef is grassfed or not. I haven't purchased meat from them, but I generally find the Fruit Center at Milton Marketplace to offer excellent quality food.

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          I was going to recommend Kinnealy's as well. They are quite knowledgeable and could probably special-order what you want. The carnivorous members of my chowfamily really appreciate the quality of their meat, and it has become our go-to place for shopping.

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            There's an old school butcher in Plymouth, I can't remember the name off hand, but I know the place has been written about in the Brockton Enterprise, so try searching there. There's also Crocetti's/Oakdale Packaging in East Bridgewater

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              Piantedosi's is what you're looking for. I'm originaly from Plymouth and drop in there when I can. Good stuff!

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                I second Piantedosi's. I used them for the past few years and they were great, I also ordered a few pigs through them for pig roasts and they were very helpful!

        2. After reading Omnivore's Dilemma and others, I startred shopping at Good Health in Quincy Center (lower Hancock St).

          I can't get everything I need there, but their produce is organic and they carry small/family-farm raised meats/poultry. They have wonderful chicken from Murray's Farm which is tasty and humanely raised (certified humane). That may not be your primary concern after reading OD--there are certainly nutritional concerns and carbon footprint concerns--but humanely raised is tops for me, followed closely by the others. At any rate, their chicken is great, the lamb kabobs form Eight O'clock ranch are very good. I have not tried any of their beef, bison or other meats, yet--but I think it would be worth a shot for you. Plus they'll special order--and it's nice to support a little local market.

          I have tried the grass fed flank steak from Trader Joe's (not a great environmental choice as it travels from Australia) and it was good and reasonably priced.


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            I've driven past Good Health a few times but I always figured as more of a GNC/Vitamin World type place, I'll definitely check it out, someone also recommended Previte's Meat and Provisions for quality meats.

          2. Piantedosi's in Plymouth is very good. They have a decent assortment of unique meats like boar, ostrich etc. Most are frozen. I have had good experiences with most cuts of the meats there but am unsure of whether it is grass fed.