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Jun 20, 2007 11:30 AM

Can anyone identify this burger?

My boss gave us this picture of a "burger" he had in Toronto and challenged us to identify the filling. Does it look familiar to anyone or can you tell what it is?

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  1. bacon? an entire burger made of bacon?

    just saw something very simlar on a hamburger a day... am i right?

    1. chili and bacon????? maybe also fried onions??????

      1. It isn't bacon apparently. The only clues we got is that it was in Toronto and that it is something you wouldn't want to eat everyday. We've also eliminated corned beef hash, moutain oysters and onions.

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        1. re: goober8

          It looks so much like bacon and/or well fried onions...hard to get past that. Is he playing with semantics? Is it Pancetta? Leeks? Grilled Proscuitto?

          Otherwise, my reaching guess is shaved roast beef that has been "carmelized"

          1. re: goober8

            Hmmm, if it's in Toronto and something you wouldn't want to eat looks horrible enough to be from Dangerous Dan's.

          2. Could it be the short-rib burger stuffed with fois gras which originated at db Bistro in NYC (I think) and was recreated at Bymark?

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            1. re: GRobin

              It's made out of some kind of insects!??? lol

              1. re: GRobin

                Tough to say, the background is my boss's shirt and by the looks of the tablecloth, I suspect that this isn't the fanciest of places. Also, I took the rustic presentation as a food item that probably isn't served like that in a high-end restaurant.

              2. onion soup burger?Meatloaf?