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Jun 20, 2007 11:13 AM

Crazy Leftover Sandwiches

I work at home. Sometimes, like today, my boyfriend also works at home. That means I get to come up with crazy lunches using leftovers.
This is always fun. I love finding out what will go together. Since Sandwiches are a good vehicle for leftovers, sometimes my sandwiches get a little wacky.
Last night we had fish tacos. I had chipotle mayo, guacamole and cabbage left over. I piled all of that on some toast and added cheese bacon and tomatoes. Talk about some totaly rockin sandwiches!
What kind of crazy sandwiches do you make / love?

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  1. My favorite leftover sandwich was an original BF creation. He started out with leftover steak and half a loaf of my no-knead bread which I had made with an entire head of whole roasted garlic cloves thrown in. He toasted the bread, added thinly sliced steak, wilted some spinach and threw that on, fryed up an egg and put that on as well and then poured over a little bit of reheated leftover alfredo sauce. There may have been cheese involved (sharp cheddar knowing him), as well as some mustard. The details were foggy, but man oh man, was that gooooood. Strange, but good.

    1. My fave is hummus, roasted or pickled beets and arugula. Works great on toasted multigrain bread (or raisin-nut bread) or baguette.

      I love making sandwiches out of leftover Indian or Chinese food. I find it usually needs something more acidic (like tomato) or sweet (like mango slices) to balance the flavours.

      1. I do a peanut butter and cream cheese sandwich. I take sprouted wheat bread, spread it with crunchy peanut butter and softened cream cheese. I eat it cold but it's even better slightly warmed. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for eating it.
        I've also make sandwiches with leftover traditional potato salad(mayo & mustard) and sliced pickles. It's a tad messy, but worth it.

        1. instead of butter, I sometimes use left over baked sweet potato/kumara, with slices of cold roast lamb, cheese and those pre-fried and dried dark fried crispy shallots

          1. Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich that I'm known for making the family and friends... Slice of bread (challah or white), spread with a light layer of butter, then a thin layer of mashed potatoes, turkey, another slice of bread (soaked in gravy), another layer of turkey, cranberry sauce, and one more lightly buttered slice of bread. (Can also toast the outside breads)

            Butternut squash puree goes really well with roasted shredded chicken, carmelized onions and a little cinnamon... no really, I swear.

            Love throwing lentil stew on top of a piece of egg bread, then topping with mozzarella or swiss/jarlsberg/gruyere and broiled til gooey.

            Tuna casserole leftovers over biscuits

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              Variation on that Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich

              Take that great challah or really good homemade or bakery bread. Spread it with cream cheese, add cranberry sance and sliced turkey, some lettuce. Eat and smile.

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                Oh..the Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich! How I love thee.

                My brother and I actually made more stuffing last year because it all got eaten before we got a chance to make sandwiches with it. Although bread stuffing on a sandwich may be a little redudant now that I think of it...but when you add turkey and cranberry sauce and coleslaw it is the best thing ever.

                That version of the TLS sounds amazing Emme. And I'm totally with you on the squash/chicken/onion/cinnamon. That sounds like a great combination.