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Jun 20, 2007 11:10 AM

Spago for dessert?

Does anyone know if I can go to Spago Beverly Hills for just dessert? I'd like to go for my birthday, but I'd really like to go and just have Sherry Yard's dessert(s). I don't know if the restaurant will "frown" upon that, or if that's even something I can do at this sort of a restaurant.

Also, on their (wolfgang puck's) website, I couldn't find a dessert menu. I assume that's something that changes from day to day?

Last year I went to Maximillian's in North Hollywood and had a terrific night, but I have a feeling that for the same amount of food I ordered at Maximillian's, it would definitely break my budget...

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You can dine pretty much ANYWHERE just for dessert. Why not?

    And Spago's has good ones.

    A better idea, though, would be to go to Providence and get the dessert tasting menu. They often have diners come there just for a flight of desserts!

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      Oh my gosh! I just checked out their website. Thank you for such a fabulous idea!! I was reading their dessert tasting menu and you can get a flight of desserts with wine for $35/$55. I think I can feed my sweet tooth there.. and it's not going to kill my budget. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I will definitely go, if not for my birthday, then for something else defintely. :D

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        I was gonna suggest Providence's dessert tasting as well... Totally fabulous!

      2. Sapgo has always been very welcoming and nice when I have gone, so I doubt they would frown upon you at all. You might want to mention you're only having dessert when you make your reservation though as a courtesy. If you do go to Spago, you should definitely get the cookie platter ($14). Very interesting assortment of cute tiny things, I think about 10-15 little squares/cookies/etc. I can't remember what was on the rest of the dessert menu but I doubt it changes much if at all. At least, I know the cookie platter has been on there forever...

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          just had a fabulous dinner at Spago last night...for dessert we ordered the cookie platter, the chocolate hot and cold w/raspberry choc chip ice cream...yummy!!!

        2. Another consideration for you that I just read about in the LA Times is Wilshire on Tuesday nights for their "Ice Cream Shoppe" night. Desserts include a 4-cone sampler, Black Forest sundae, banana split, banana cream pie, milkshakes, and other ice cream and things. Sounds nice, and they look great in the photo. It is only Tuesdays though...

          1. Here's one of the desserts that SY is doing for spring '09. It tastes as good as it looks!

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