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Jun 20, 2007 11:01 AM

Any good takeout in Century City?

Looking to take out dinner tonight in Century City... any ideas? No chains please! Picking up food on the way to meet my boyfriend at work and want to eat something other then the quiznos/baja fresh in the area. Thanks =)

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  1. Clementine. Definitely Clementine.

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    1. re: WestsideLisa

      Just be aware that it closes by 7, I think. If you could tell us from direction you're coming, people also might be able to give you better tips for takeout along your route.

    2. We live in CC and typically get take out from:

      - Clementine - usually open until 7:30pm
      - Pradeeps (on Beverly)
      - Jack Spratts (on Pico)
      - haven't been, but curious about Carmines II (on Santa Monica)
      - Zankou (on Westwood)
      - Junior's (on Westwood)

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      1. re: vinosnob

        Love Jack Sprats. And their pretzels. I get lunch delivered from there a lot. You'd need to take the 10 to Overland though.

        1. re: vinosnob

          Carmine's II ? - It's a small N.Y. feel rat pack (lots of their pictures on the wall) Italian with a bar, 1 t.v., and a piano. I use to go there a lot when you could get a good pasta with meat or shrimp & the house salad for well under $20, but no more. They have really jacked-up the prices, even in the last 9 months - I guess the business execs from Century City have finally started patronizing them enough, so they can. A very convenient spot to wait for the traffic to ease up on the 405 before you jump on....

          Now, according to their website, house salad & pasta with meat is now $26.95 or higher. I just happen to have their togo menu from 9 months ago. They've rasied their sandwiches 50%, ouch, from $9.95 to $14.95, salads up $1, Pizza up $2, pastas up $2, $3, & $4. No longer the friendly (price-wise) neighborhood Italian.

          1. re: JBC

            That's completely outrageous! I hadn't been there in about a year so good to know. Not a place that I'll likely be recommending any more even though I think that it's pretty good red sauce Italian....just completely not worth those prices!

            1. re: mollyomormon

              My standard used to be Penne Arrabbiata (nothing cheaper), add shrimp, & house salad - $15.95 + 4.00 + 7.95 = $26.95. To be fair, and correct, you could add chicken instead and save a $1. And one option, the Linguni & Clams, would work out to $24.95; however, the overall problem remains, that my standard there has gone up $9 to $10 (I think?) in around 4 years (?) = 50 to 59%. It looks like something comprable at Pizzicotto in Brentwood, not a cheap neighborhood, would be around $18.

              1. re: JBC

                Thanks for the heads up, I looked at their website.. and was NOT happy about their prices! especially after u told me about their extreme markup... i think they lost several customers w/ that!

        2. Thanks guys, coming from the 10 east, exiting Bundy...

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          1. re: iluvcheese

            so many places you could pick up on your way! You could do take out from Nook, from Amabala Dhaba or Sunnin. Or you could go with Clementine (if you're early enough), Zankou or Carmine's II as others have suggested. Poquito Mas is a chain (albeit smaller) and that's on your way too. Or Feast from the East for Chinese Chicken Salads...

            1. re: mollyomormon

              Oh, good call on Feast from the East for CC salads. Also, there's California Chicken Cafe (on westwood) and as a more soulful alternative to Poquito Mas, try Eduardo's Grill (corner of Westwood and Santa Monica)

          2. Thanks for all your help! Ended up going to Feast From the East, extremely close to where i was going afterwards.. and the chinese chicken salad was fantas! as was the sesame chicken... i will def make a stop back there... thanks again!