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Jun 20, 2007 11:01 AM

Quebec City for Four Foodies

Two couples are going to Quebec City in July. One is francophone from Montreal, one is anglo from Ontario. Both love food, but can't afford to go super high end. Would like to know about some artisanal, slow food experiences in Quebec City. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
PS: Love local drink too. Is there any artisanal cider in QC?

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  1. We spent four fantastic days in Quebec City earlier this month. Some of our favorite restaurant experiences in the Basse-Ville area included L'Echaude and Le Marie Clarisse (right next door to the funicular). By the Chateau Frontenac, we had a very pleasant lunch at Aux Anciens Canadiens, an old-school restaurant serving up dishes evoking memories of your grandmother's meat pie and "tarte au sucre." Nearly every restaurant we went to serves the delicious Quebec cider. You can also find some local ciders at the farmer's market next door to the train station. We also had a splurge dinner at Restaurant Initiale which was absolutely fantastic, but in the "super high end" category.

    1. I think you must try Toast! on Sault-au-Matelot. Friendly people, a GORGEOUS terrasse and amazing food.
      Also, I suggest a new place called La Cuisine on St-Vallier St. I havent been yet (I'm going to Quebec city this weekend, will try it and let you know), but I've heard very good comments about it.
      I also strongly suggest you try Le Café du Cloché Penché and Yuzu. Yuzu is into asian fusion, does the best sushis in town, very original and comfortable.
      Let us know!

      1. We were just there in November and one of the best meals we had was at Cafe de la Paix. It's not in any of the guide books, we simply were starving and had to eat and it was the first place we came to. The interior doesn't look particularly amazing (old-fashioned '50's style) so I wasn't expecting much. It was 3:00 p.m. so we were the only ones dining. We got the Table d'Hote(sp?). Both started out with a perfectly dressed salad then I had an omelette au fromage and my mother had the sole which was served in a cream sauce. For dessert I had the chocolate cake and my mother had creme caramel. The menu is extensive with a large number of Italian dishes (I really wanted to try their carbonara). For two, the table d'hote was about 30 CAD. Not bad. Service was lovely and we still talk about how good it was.
        We had dinner at the Chateau, though beside the room were pretty unimpressed. The ceaser salad (made at table) was like eating a salt lick and my caribou was very tough and looked as though it had been sitting under a heat lamp for an hour. Skipped dessert here. The waiters dressed in costume was a bit much as well. The view on the porch was great though and it snowed that evening, so very pleasant. If you need a hotel, I reccomend Hotel Clarendon. Nothing fancy but nice and a good location. There were so many restaurants we wanted to try!

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          Thanks for the replies. Toast! sounds interesting, as well as OCKevin's and Izzizzi's choices. Any more would be most welcome. Also very nice to know that cider is readily available. Here in Ontario it's a rare commodity.