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Jun 20, 2007 10:28 AM

Help with choosing between these Rome restaurants

If anyone has been to any--or all--of these Rome restaurants, I'd love to know your opinion and also the approximate cost for a dinner at night. I will be with a group of 15 people. Grazie!
Da Giggetto
Ristorante Cleto
Vecchia Roma
Taverna degli Amici
La Piazzetta

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  1. Da Giggetto is the best restaurant in the Jewish Ghetto. They make traditional roman food with the addition of Jewish Artichokes (carcioffi ebraio.) Their artichokes are possibly the greatest food on the planet. However, it is a restaurant as opposed to a trattoria so the price will be higher. If you want a more traditional Roman feast, ie $30 all the food and wine you can eat, try a trattoria in Testaccio.

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      Da Giggetto: ate there last 2005. Mediocre food, bad service. There better places in the Ghetto.

      Vecchia Roma: For tourists.

      Checchino-dal-1887: Ate there last Jan 2007. Outstanding food, outstanding service. While tripe specialties are available (for which the restaurant is famous), the menu is mostly non-tripe. The wine list is extensive and priced lower than in most restaurants in Rome.

    2. Da Giggetto
      Stopped going years ago, though it may be improving. Piperno is considered best in ghetto. I usually go to Paris in Trastevere for the Jewish repertoire.
      Ristorante Cleto
      Vecchia Roma
      It has its devotees, but I don't consider it a gastronomic destination, and it's quite expensive, but when romantic atmosphere is important, there is no place more beautiful.
      Taverna degli Amici
      just been once and liked it. Not too high.
      La Piazzetta
      Love. It's a trattoria but cleaned up. Depends what you eat but 40-ish.
      Also love. Trattoria of past generations evolved into upscale restaurant, 50 and up.

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          Close to the Colosseum, I think. I have never been there, but mbfant recommends it highly.

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            yes, it's near via Cavour on the Colosseum side.

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            If you are looking for a good casual dinner place, my absolute favorite is a little restaurant in Trastevere called Hostaria del Moro (sometimes known as da Tony Hostaria del Moro). I used to eat there all the time when i spent a sememster in rome and recently organized a group dinner there for 20 people and it was great. and for $30 euros per person cannot beat the amount of food they served. We decided to do a pre set menu but ordering a la carte is great too. Just a suggestion for either a fun group dinner or a casual place to try one night. And trastevere is definitely a fun area to be in. A little crowded / loud but it really comes alive at night.

            Vicolo del Cinque 36, 00153
            Telefono:06 5809165

            1. re: kalyse

              I agree wholeheartedly with kalyse. I absolutely fell in love with Hostaria del Moro. I ate there three times in 7 days in Rome. Blasphemous? Maybe. But once you find a good thing, you might as well stick with it and it was very close to my hotel.

              Also, I actually liked Da Giggetto. However, I only ate there once and I had the special Canneloni, which was absolutely delicious. Perhaps other things there aren't as good...but I particularly enjoyed the dish and the service was excellent.

        2. Taverna degli Amici is great......probably aim for 40 euros per head...