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Jun 20, 2007 10:27 AM

Recent Ojai experiences? Auberge? Other higher end?

Can use some help, hounds. How is the Auberge doing? I had great meals there 25 yrs ago, and it still holds a nice spot somewhere deep in my grey matter. The terrace was fantastic.

Any other great higher end, with striking ambience?


BTW - the more casual spots for lunch like the Tamale place and the Health Food place with a prepared food counter sound great - I'm looking forward to hitting both.

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  1. Stay away from The Ranch House, close by in Meiner's Oaks - so pretty to look at, but lousy and overpriced for food. Maybe for a brunch, if one must.

    1. Auberge changed hands and lost the French Country vibe you remember. The Ranch House is very pleasant, though. I live in Ojai and write about the food from time to time. Another good bet for dinner is Feast Bistro. Rainbow Bridge has great sandwiches. Check here for other "local" suggestions:

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        Thanks for the response - what kind of vibe would you describe at the Auberge now? Is the food still great, and is terrace still there?

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          What's the name of the place at the junction with Highway 150 to Santa Paula at the eastern end of town -- that has the good strawberry shortcake - with real and warm shortcake. Nice.