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Jun 20, 2007 10:26 AM

Beehive Boston

VERY impressed with my experience at the Beehive last night as was my fellow diner. We arrived around 7pm Tuesday and were seated right away in their downstairs multi-use space which gives off a hip-cave ambiance of sorts ha ha. Our waiter Carl was wonderful, not too pushy but very gracious in welcoming us and explaining menu items. I ordered the Negroni which was a tad bitter and very strong. My friend ordered the Mexican- a daquiri margarita mix which was suprisingly delicious.
Free bread which is always a plus.
Asparagus with feta, lemon, and mint for me -all were fried. Not what I had been expecting but coupled with some mixed greens tasted great
Gazpacho for my friend-extremely refreshing and large portion
We each had a pasta
Orriechette with lamb stew for me-YUM. But dissapointing was the fact that it was not homemade. It left me missing Via Matta's delicious homemade pasta dishes.
Pappardelle with wild mushrooms and ricotta for my friend-pretty darn perfect
Their only dessert option that night was Baklava. We opted out.

Wine list seemed to be a smattering of all sorts of options with by the glass, carafe, or bottle.

The music was random assortment of hip-ness from many genres. The girl's bathroom was painted a teal blue and deep pink with paisley everywhere and this huge farm style white porcelain wash bin of a sink. As we were leaving the Berklee students performing that night were about to set up. Next time I'll arrive later and stay for the music. We were also told by our waiter that a patio should open up as soon as the kinks are worked out inside. The general manager stopped by to make sure our experience was living up to our expectiations and left us with a nice impression of the place.

Once the menu develops a bit more I think The Beehive will blow up. Right now the menu options are just a bit too limited to attract capacity crowds. What a great addition to the dining scene though. I felt like I had been transplanted to another world. I will certainly take a trip back in a month to check out the new changes.

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  1. I liked your review, and definitely want to check this place out. Question though: when you say you think it will blow up, do you mean as in explode (good), or go bust (bad)?

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      Good explode for sure. The big names involved in coming together for this concept all have their own following. Personally I had been a fan of Halberg's influence on the dishes at Via Matta but I'm sure the Pho Republique groupies combined with the Via Matta groupies and all of Daryl Settle's fans along with the crowd the amazing bartenders will draw will combine to make this a happening spot.

    2. Good review. I have been there a couple of times for drinks and the place on Thursday - Saturday nights has already blown up. There are lines outside and people get dolled up for it. It may be the best new addition to the South end nightlife since 28 Degrees too over the Flux space. I can not comment on the food so I will stop there.

      1. i agree - beehive will def blow up. my partner and i went monday for dinner. we were seated by a gracious hostess only to wait over five minutes for a server to even bring water. very disappointing. we overlooked it as they are just getting going.

        the food was fair to good. he was the crisy cauliflower (which was fried) and it was great. i had the shrimp appetizer. the portion was generous: five good-sized grilled shrimp over a somewhat bland hummus. his entree was the pappardelle... wouldn't go so far as perfect but very good. i had the cod with bacon (hold the bacon). I ordered it hold the bacon and it arrived with bacon. they were quick to bring me a new plate sans bacon. the fish was a bit dry and the gnocchi was less pillow more dumpy.

        the drinks were outstanding and the live jazz made for a terrific background. i would absolutely recommend anyone to go check out the spot and have a beehive juliper immediately. and, as mentioned above, wait the month until the menu is worked out.

        1. We checked out the Beehive last night with some friends, we were meeting a party of 6 there and had a reservation for 8pm. We arrived about 30 minutes early to have a drink in the bar (which is great) first. The hostesses could not have been nicer, but when one of our party checked in earlier, they were fairly persistent about seating us immediately. This might have been OK, except for the fact that we then waited at our table for about 20 minutes anyway before getting to order a drink.

          The service was friendly, but spotty at best. If you want a few cocktails with dinner, my adivce would be to order your next round when the first arrives and so on. After a few martinis, I did enjoy a very nice Pinot by the glass.

          The food was fairly disapointing. Apps included a tasty but greasy flay bread pizza, a couscous salad that I could easily top at home, a decent grilled shrimp with hummus that looked store bought and a salad with fried feta that went half eatern. I had the roast grouper at the reccomendation of our server, it was OK but a bit overcooked. The burger and frites were announced unremarkable by another diner.

          The space itself is very nice, if a bit on the loud side. It would be great if the food and service was (much better).

          The live jazz began at 10p, and we hung around and had some more drinks for an hour or so. When we left, the line was down to Hammersleys. The bar crowd will keep this place going I think, but as a restaurant we won't be back.

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            Yeah, we've been going fairly regularly, but not as a dining destination. We go to see Frank and the other stellar bartenders, and to enjoy the music and atmosphere. (...Ok, and the Bunch 'O Bacon app.)

          2. The original comment has been removed