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Jun 20, 2007 09:52 AM


any thoughts on restaurant Terzo?

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  1. I've been there twice in the last was good - tasty chow, good wines...but it wasn't so good to draw me back a third time. A solid neighborhood spot, but not a destination.

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      Hmmn, I disagree. And I am a foodie, been working in restaurants for 10 years and my hubby owns a few. It is not just the quality of the food that particular night you go. It is also the attention paid to changing the menu, keeping it creative and fresh while still successful, the staff (which is knowledgable and pleasant in a delightfully un-snobbish way), the atmosphere which is original, modern and comfy, and finally, the chef, who is genuine and ernest. THOSE qualities make a good restaurant stand out to me. I would call Terzo "stand out". It is true and dedicated.

    2. We had a very good meal there last week. The standout dishes were flatbread with feta cheese & pomegranate molasses and a pasta (gemelli? I don't exactly remember). And those fried onions are addictive. Interesting selection of wines by the glass. The server didn't mind that we ordered dishes two at a time rather than all at once. We 'd been there once before, maybe 6 months ago, and this time was just as good.

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        I heard a rave so I cheked it out. Very good food -- as Husky says, I wouldn't absolutely rave about it. But very good food and not super-expensive.