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Jun 20, 2007 09:44 AM

Casse-croutes, my guilty pleasure

Does Ma'am Bolduc qualify? It is on my list to try next week. If not, where are there some good ones in/near MOntreal? I heard of a place called Paul Patates in Pointe Claire with spicy spruce beer (like root beer with a kick?). I have no idea where Point Claire is, but I'll find it. Outside of the spruce beer, is the food good?

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  1. Paul Patates isn't in Pointe Claire, a West Island suburb on the far side of the airport, but in Pointe St-Charles, a working class neighbourhood south-southwest of downtown.

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        Thanks for the Paul Patates mention. I was just by the old Chez Bertrand location and had wondered if, in their absence, there was anybody else serving homemade spruce beer. Is there any other place besides Paul Patates (perhaps off the island)?

        I remember a fish & chips place near the Verdun Auditorium that made their own some years back. Does anyone remember any other defunct restos that brewed their own?

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          I believe Marco spruce beer is an artisanal product, though I'm open to being corrected if it's actually industrial.

          Haven't had one in a while, but the last few times it seemed less sweet than the Marco I remember from childhood. (They are different companies.)

 - includes list of retailers.

    1. Ma'am Bolduc was certainly a casse-croûte 25 years ago, but it has gone slightly upscale; there are more meal and snack choices including vegetarian ones, it serves wine, beer and real coffee and has a pleasant terrasse - not overly yuppified by any extent, just more reflective of what Québécois people eat nowadays.

      I've passed by several authentic-looking old casse-crouûtes in Pointe St-Charles and St-Henri, in southwestern Montreal.

      Pointe-Claire is a suburb west of the city, on Montréal island, near the Trudeau (formerly Dorval) airport. You can get there by car, bus or commuter train. It is also a pleasant (but longish) bicycle ride there.

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        Ma'am Bolduc has gone a little upscale, true, but you can eat a real good poutine or great breakfast on the weekends. There's Les Belles-Soeurs a couple of blocks east on Marianne: great burgers. Also L'Anecdote, on Rachel corner st-Hubert, or La Paryse, Ontario a few steps west of st-Denis: great burgers and fries, but with a young urban atmosphere. For something more authentic, you might want to try Mont-Royal Hot-dog on Mont-Royal corner of Boyer, or Le Fameux, at Mt-Rl and Saint-Denis. Montréal Pool Room, on St-Laurent, was an institution for many years, known for its hot-dogs, but I find it has changed not for the better in the recent years. My dad used to Chez Bertrand for hot-dog ans spruce beer, on Notre-Dame not far from Guy, I'm not sure, but I don't know if it's still there.

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          Emile Bertrand restaurant closed down for good last summer. That's why their spruce beer is now exclusively at Paul Patates.

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            Well, from my standpoint the slight upscale move - towards more digestible food and a rather more pleasant atmosphere - is not a negative thing, far from it. Ma'am has not become overpriced or snobbish.

        2. One of my favourite places is Lesage on Henri-Bourassa near the bus terminal. They have the best poutine italienne in town. Unfortunately, the last time I went by there, the facade had been redone, the Lesage sign was down and there was a "closed" sign in the window. I couldn't really check it out because I had to catch a bus.

          Does anyone here know what's going on with that place?

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          1. Another really good one is Patati-Patata on St-Laurent Blvd, corner of Rachel. Those fries and the perfect little burgers, lovingly made...

            1. Chez Claudette on Laurier, corner St. Denis.