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Jun 20, 2007 09:40 AM

Charleston...Any advice on the Following?

Post (seafood)
Rue De Jean (french)
Fermets (Mediterranean/Greek)
Chais (tapas - bands on Tues and Thurs)
Basil (thai)
Oak (steakhouse)
Grill 225 in Market Pavilion Hotel (steakhouse)

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  1. Old Village Post House in Mt P? If so, it is very good. Not known for seafood though.
    I much prefer La Frochet for French. It is a four minute walk from Rue de Jean.
    Sermets is very good.
    Chai's and Basil are both very good.
    I hear that Oak is good but have yet to eat there.
    Grill 225 es muy terrible! It is 1950's style continental hotel food. Driest chicken I have ever eaten. If you want a spendy meal on that side of town try Tristan, Robert's of Charleston, Circa or Peninsula Grill.

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      Thanks for the info...great screen name...I am going to take a look through a couple other of your posts and see what esle I can find. I need a restarurants for Friday night through Monday breakfast. What would be your top mid-priced casual picks for one breakfast, lunch and dinner?

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        Or could ukyouth mean Coast? Akin to Rue De Jean?

      2. The Charleston Grill, at the Charleston Place is by far the most consistent restaurant in Charleston. The food is eclectic and wonderfully prepared.

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          I would second the recommendation for Basil. It's very reasonably priced and I've really liked it every time I've been. I think it would be great for lunch or dinner.