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Jun 20, 2007 09:15 AM

How much will I spend?

Thinking of coming from US to London in August. There will be 3 adults. What would be a reasonable amount to budget for food per day at reasonably priced, good restaurants (not necessarily the high end restaurants)? We are not big eaters, we usually do coffee and croissants for breakfast, light lunches and our biggest meal is dinner. Can anyone give me some guidance?

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  1. Managing lunch for under 10 pounds ($20US) per person will be a challenge. Takeout prepared sandwiches help a bit, but throw in a bottle of water or a coffee and it won't be so very much less. Our experience with restaurants was that the numbers attached to dishes approximately equaled those in Manhattan restaurants, but then you had to double the figure for the USD cost to you.

    1. We just got back from a few nights in London, as well as time in Italy and France. prepared for London prices. It is extremely expensive. We ate pub food for the most part with only 1 beer each and it still came out to about $30 per person, although the portions were large. I agree with the person below that you can assume to spend at least double what you would spend in the U.S.