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Jun 20, 2007 09:08 AM

Kid friendly Chatham area recs - clams a plus

We've heading to Chatham the w/e before the 4th for the first time. We will have our 2 y/o and 2 month old. Any recommendations for casual kid-friendly restaurants? We love fried clams, chowder, & fried fish, but any suggestions would be great.


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  1. Kream -n Kone on Rt. 28 in Dennis should fit the bill. About 20 min away from Chatham. Really top quality clams and seafood, and VERY kid friendly. Don't confuse them with their Chatham copycats "Kreme -n-Kone.

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      The Squire on Main St in Chatham has great fish, fried clams etc. I normally sit on the bar side but they do have a dining room (casual) that I'm sure would be great for kids. Try the fried oysters!