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Jun 20, 2007 08:55 AM

NOLA in sweltering August heat-where to eat?

Hey Everyone. I'll be in New Orleans in early August and I am staying at a hotel right off of Bourbon St on Toulouse. I will be on foot, so I need a few great dining places that are within walking distance. I am on a budget, so most meals will need to fall in the less than $25 range, but I hope to have a good splurge meal as well. Also, I need to find casual places because I know I will not be able to handle jackets and dresses in the August heat. :) I love cajun, creole food and would really like to indulge all I can while I am in the Big Easy.

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  1. Easy: Coop's Place on Dacatur, a divey locals bar with an extensive menu including many cajun classics. Good and cheap.

    See this thread too:

    1. New Orleans is full of delicious casual places. In fact, I think for all the fine dining we have, our casual divey places are equally good. Unfortunately, the casual places in the Quarter tend to pander to tourists, and the food tends to suffer. I wouldn't walk into just "any old place" in that area and expect to eat well. You're doing the right thing by researching beforehand.

      Here are my thoughts: I've heard Coop's is a beacon of light in the Quarter for cheap eats, but I unfortunately haven't tried it yet. Of course there's always beignets (at Cafe du Monde, a must-do) and muffalettas (at Central Grocery, also on Decatur, also a must-do). Johnny's po-boys has decent sandwiches, but the best po-boys in the city are NOT in the quarter, or at Mothers. For my money, they're at Parkway Bakery in mid-city. Acme Oyster House (I believe on Iberville) is decent if you don't mind being herded in with all the other tourists. I'd stick to simple dishes here--boiled seafood and raw oysters--with the thought that even the most cynically motivated tourist trap can't screw up something prepared so simply.

      If you can open your scope, though, and get out of the quarter, then you should go to Mandina's, Liuzza's, Parkway Bakery, Ye Olde College Inn, Juan's Flying Burrito (not Louisiana cuisine, but vintage Magazine Street), Theo's Pizza, Camellia Grill, Domilise's, and Parran's, Bozo's, or Drago's in Metairie.

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        You can dine later in the evening when it is cooler. However, all the restaurants have air conditioning. I would worry about getting hot. The quarter is relatively small and you probably won't get sweaty walking. Carry your jacket if you desire, however, many restaurants (Even Stella!) have a "casual attire" dress code.

        It's hard to find bad food in New Orleans, so try several places and have a good time.

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          I disagree that "it's hard to find bad food in New Orleans," particularly in the Quarter. Like anywhere else, New Orleans has its share. But it does has a disproportionate number of good places, so with a little effort, you can eat very well.

      2. NOLA in sweltering August heat-where to eat? Maine

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          Thanks for all the suggestions! I will definitely try Coops and if I can make it out of the FQ, I'll stop in for a bite at a few of those other places! :)

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            Coop's is definitely a must. If you can, you should also try Lil Dizzy's. The place is cheap and amazing. The fried chicken is some of the best I've ever had. It's at 1500 Esplanade in Treme which is right outside the Quarter.

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              Head over to Frenchman Street for great music and food. Adolfo's, Snug Harbor for a burger, Mona's for middle eastern and the Praline connection. Drago's has a new space near the convention center. Get the char-broiled oysters.

        2. We just returned from New Orleans, and all our dining took place a casual places - talk about not bring a jacket? My husband didn't even bring long pants. Johnny's Po-boys was really good. We also enjoyed Napoleon House on St Louis - red beans and rice were great, as were the mufalettas and the shrimp remolaude and avacado salad. I had some Shrimp Creole at Pere Antoines on Royal and St Ann that were really tasty.