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Jun 20, 2007 08:54 AM

Deli in Vegas

Are there any Jewish Deli's in Vegas? We have a car and are willing to travel for a decent pastrami on rye, corned beef, etc. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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  1. Harry's Bagelmania on Twain is an old time Jewish Deli...homemade bagels Chopped liver and lot's of old timers holding court.

    There is ZOOCRACKERS in the Wynn which does huge deli sandwiches w/ knishes, pickles...etc

    Canter's Deli has an out post in TI.....

    In henderson try :Weiss Restaurant, Deli & Bakery for fish platters and deli sandwiches
    2744 N. Green Valley Pkwy.

    1. There is also a Stage Deli in the Caesars forum shops

      1. there's also a carnegie deli in the mirage.

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          and with Cantor's in the TI you can take a monorail and try a name east coast and west coast deli. Can't say they're as good as the originals though.

        2. There is Bagelmania right off of the Summerlin Parkway and Westcliff. As a Las Vegas local, and a Jew from Los Angeles, Bagelmania and Harry's Bagelmania are the best of a so-so lot.

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            Thanks for the lead on the Summerlin locale...I do a lot of breafasts for the Summerlin Hospital...nice to have another choice other than Einsteins

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              Thanks for everyone's reply. Despite the so-so assessment...we are pretty in a "no deli state" so we will drop by Bagelmania.

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                I made a mistake. It is Bagel Cafe in Summerlin and not Bagelmania.

            2. Maybe this belongs in a whole separate thread but on this tip, I thoroughly enjoy two local Kosher restaurants (both are casual). One is Sababa Grill on Durango and Desert Inn and the other is Haifa on Twain.

              Be warned though: Sababa can get very busy at times and Haifa's service is notoriously slow even when empty.