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Jun 20, 2007 08:54 AM

Romantic Patios in Toronto

One of the things I love best of the summer are the warm summer eves, dining and drinking al fresco. However, I'm not so interested in sitting on a sidewalk, smelling and hearing the cars whizzing by, which seems to be the patio culture.

Are there any beautiful, romantic patios in the city? I imagine trees, candlelight or mini-tree lights, nice music, good company....

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  1. Hi ceecee, I almost hate to give this one up but have you been to Allen's on the Danforth? It is tucked away in the back and is exactly what you describe...trees, candlelight.
    The food is pretty good too. It really is one of the nicest patios in TO aside from George which can be quite costly.

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    1. re: millygirl

      Not sure I'd call Allen's romantic in the least. But hey perceptions vary. How about The Fifth, Gamelle, Messis?

    2. Carens on Cumberland has a secluded back patio that fits the bill...

      1. Not sure it 100% fits the bill but I love the back patio at Biagio's Ristorante at King and Jarvis. The food is more high end but the patio is really lovely with a running fountain, tiny lit trees and surrounded by a gorgeous wrought iron fence. It faces a courtyard so the view is lovely.

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          The second floor rear patio at the Kensington Kitchen is pretty nice....private wooden deck set amonst the branches of mature trees.

          1. re: Finnegan

            Kensington Kitchen has a lovely patio, it's true. Too bad about the food. Overpriced, underflavoured. Blechh. Not to mention their numerous health code violations. Six DineSafe yellows -- including one issued just two days ago! -- and one red. Stay away!

        2. Fat Cat Wine Bar on Roncesvalles.

          Lovely back patio, even lovelier food, and gracious service.

          1. For high-end, I second the Fifth (rooftop oasis), plaus Ultra (hipster vibe, but still sexy), Amuse Bouche (small and intimate with pashminas for when it gets cold), Proof at the Intercontinental Hotel on Bloor (California sexy), and the rooftop at the Hyatt (old-world charm and a gorgeous view).

            More casual, Julie's Cuban has an intimate, neighbourhood-y feel, Drake Sky-yard can be fun but still sexy (or it can be crowded and annoying), and I like Le Select too.


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            1. re: Rabbit

              Julie's food is not great and the drinks are way over-priced. Been twice and will never go back.