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Jun 20, 2007 08:36 AM

Roudabush's Wilmington, NC Any good?

Hey Wilmington folks - anyone eaten at Roudabush's downtown? Is it worth a lunch? We were thinking about trying it next week.

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  1. No, it's not good. Everyone I have talked to had a bad experienece. We went for the breakfast buffet one day. Despite advertisements for an omelet bar in the menu and on the wall, they did not have any eggs. No eggs at all. I complained to the waitress and was told to fill out a comment card telling them that they should serve eggs. It was a breakfast buffet!

    It is owned by the same person as Yosake upstairs. We have had hit or miss expereiences there.

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      Agreed. Rhoudabush is a great space, but the food seems aimed at students on a budget. Buffet and menu items were equally uninspiring.

      Had a great experience at Yo Sake.

        1. re: Andiereid

          In the Roudabush Building at the corner of South Front Street and Dock Street, upstairs from the Roudabush Cafe. If you go to Yosake, stick with the half-price sushi from 5-7pm, as the entrees are not worth it (at all).

    2. Thanks for the heads-up, guys. We decided to hit the Copper Penny instead. Had a very nice reuben and good fries. I can always count on them for decent pub fare. It's loud, but hey - it's a pub.

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        We love Copper Penny. Had a seared tuna appetizer one night and it was wonderful!! Heard a rumor today and was wondering if it's true. Tango Du Chat is closing?

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          Looks like they're closing July 12.