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Jun 20, 2007 08:17 AM

Costa's Greek - Wilmington, DE?

I love Greek food and will be in Wilmington for a couple of days this summer. Costa's has had mixed reviews on this board and I was wondering if anyone can offer an update.

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  1. My review is also mixed. I thought it was a decent meal, but not particularly Greek. It's more "American", not much that is very interesting. I went for lunch and ended up eating something like a cheeseburger, which is not really a staple of Greek cuisine!

    1. Closest thing I can think of for Greek in Wilmington is a place on Union Street called Kozy Korner. It serves mainly breakfast and lunch, but they do have dolmades, spanikopita and several other greek items and pastries. I haven't been there myself, only heard about it so no review from me.

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        Kozy Korner has Greek food?? That's interesting. I have been there for breakfast and lunch, and all I've had is pretty straight-up American diner food (nothing to write home about, either). I've never noticed a Greek person anywhere in the place!

        There are several Greek-run diners around--Diamond State and Mythos come to mind.

        1. re: travelmad478

          That's weird. I was told that they did and thought I had a menu at some point...
          Is Mytho's still there? Sounds interesting...before Limestone Rd if I'm coming from Prices Corner area?

      2. Hank's Place in Chadds Ford ( Route 1 south of Route 202 not far from Wilmington) is casual spot that locals frequent. They have some Greek items on the menu. I believe the owners are Greek.