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Jun 20, 2007 08:12 AM

Best Restaurants for Kids?

I am bringing my two elementary-aged daughters on a girls trip to Manhattan. What are the best restaurants for us to visit to make this an even more extraordinary trip for them? We do have reservations at American Girl Place brunch. The food doesn't have to be top cuisine, but a fun atmosphere would be great. They are not into the space themes.
Much obliged!

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  1. You should look up RGR's Lower East Side Food Excursion (search "LES Food Excursion" on the Manhattan board). It will be a fun and extraordinary trip for your girls!

    1. Two of the restaurants at Le Parker Meridien hotel are good, fun and kid friendly: the burger joint, for great burgers, fries and shakes; and Norma's for big, sweet, over-the-top breakfasts.

      If you want to take them to a "grown up" restaurant, Le Zie, on 7th Avenue and 21st Street, has very good, inexpensive Italian food to keep the adults happy, and great spaghetti and meatballs, to make the kids (and the adults) happy.

      There are plenty of theme restaurants, too, that many families flock to. I personally avoid them at all costs, preferring to take my 7-year-old to "real" restaurants (as opposed to retail stores that happen to sell food).

      1. Chinatown is a fun place for kids. We like to take ours to NY Noodletown, or New Green Bo. Both are very very low end on decor, but the food is great.