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Jun 20, 2007 08:12 AM

Recs for lunch and dinner in Asheville NC?

My chef husband and I are going to Asheville, NC for a couple of days for his business. We will need a great place for at least two dinners and since I'll be alone for lunch, something fun and light for that. Any thoughts? Much appreciated and be happy to reciprocate for the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area.

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  1. You may want to take a look at which lists all of the independent restaurants. He may enjoy trying out Corner Kitchen in Biltmore Village - Joe Scully is a CIA grad. Also Tupelo Honey's exec chef Brian is a grad of Johnson & Wales. Some of my other fav's are Limones, Zambras, and Salsas. All of these (including Tupelo Honey) are downtown. For a light lunch I think Limones does lunch but I also really like Corner Kitchen for lunch.

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        and a doesn't list ALL the independents, just ones that are members. You might also enjoy Laughing Seed (vegetarian) for lunch. They have a very nice outdoor patio.

      2. We had a wonderful weekend in Asheville recently. We really enjoyed Zambras, a cool tapas place with an extensive wine list ( and Early Girl Eatery for brunch/lunch ( - site wasn't working earlier).

        Our reviews:

        1. Laughing Seed and Stony Knob Cafe are very good as well.

          1. For lunch there is Mamacita's downtown across from the food coop on Biltmore/Broadway. In West Asheville is Sunny Point. Had a ricotta/oatmeal creme brulee there for brunch a month ago which I am still thinking about!

            1. Laughing Seed, Tupelo Honey Cafe, The Corner Kitchen for lunch, if it's nice out, they all have outdoor seating thats wonderful.

              All three of those are also good for dinner, plus the addition of Table, Fig and the Bier Garden for a wiiiide beer selection and good bar food. Enjoy!