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Jun 20, 2007 08:11 AM

Help with narrowing selection of restaurants in Montreal

I have researched some restaurants and would like your recs on them. This is the 1st time in Montreal and would like one of those meals to be several courses, the other tapas, and any others that you guys feel I should try out. We will only eat at 4-5 places since we are there only 4 days. Here is my list feel free to add or delete and put your 2 cents worth:

Les Heritiers
La Convivial
Le Grand Comptoir
Jardin Nelson
Casa Tapas


Laura from Texas

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  1. Laura, it might be a good idea to give us some idea of your food preferences - yes of course, you are right to concentrate on French and/or Québécois cuisines, but there is a wide range, some more meat-centres, others less, some more traditional, others more "modern" or innovative - all of those are fine, just to get a clearer idea of your preferences.

    Where are you staying? Will your other daily meals be picnics, sandwiches, or what?

    And what is your price budget? Perhaps one that is more a splurge, and others more mid-priced?

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      We are staying at the Springhill Suites in old Montreal. We have some meat-eaters in our group but are game for new experiences. We will have breakfast in the hotel the rest we will be eating out. We want to eat one meal as a splurge and the others mid-priced. Thanks all for your advice I am researching the others keep those ideas coming!!!


      Laura from Texas

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        First, you will love Springhill Suites. I stayed there last October, and the breakfast was great too. I loved Bonaparte. Classic French cuisine. I had the venison there. The menu is at

    2. Hi Laura, I would definitely put Brunoise on your must go to list!! We are from Toronto and we always make sure we get in a visit to Brunoise when we go, which luckily for us, is pretty often. We also really like Chez Le'Epicier....the food is bistro and great atmosphere, reasonably priced. It's in the old part of Montreal, so very scenic as well. For a fabulous breakfast or brunch you should check out Beauty's, great value, atmosphere and everything on the menu is fabulous. Enjoy your trip!

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        Oh, Chez l'epicier isn't bistro. I wouldn't go there if I was craving bistro food. It's market driven, creative, fusion cuisine. That's their whole thing: The crazy combinations and presentations

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          I think the chef's tasting menu at Toqué is in top form right now---just had it a few weekends ago. Expensive but worth it, IMO. (


          Two restaurants that serve excellent French bistro/brasserie cuisine in a casual-but-bustling setting:

          Leméac (1045 Laurier W.)
          L'Express (

      2. Here's my thoughts:
        Brunoise is a must...
        Ariel on Drummond Street, just above deMaisonneuve for your splurge - it's the best un-discovered thing happening in the city right now.
        For the reasonably priced try out some good bistro at Holder (walking distance from your hotel) or great portuguese at Portus Calle on St-Laurent

        1. The only one I've been to on your list is Jardin Nelson for lunch. Nice jazzy atmosphere, decent food - even so, I thought it was a bit on the expensive side for what we got. It's also somewhat touristy, and I found the waitstaff to be a bit jaded about having to deal with tourists and speak English.

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            Thanks all for your words of wisdom can't wait to be there and enjoy the food and scenery.

            Laura from Texas

          2. I appreciate all these suggestions as well. Most of them happen to be on my frighteningly long list of restaurants I'd like to try, which helps a great deal in whittling it down or we would have to stay a month instead of 3 days LOL! Thanks all!