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Jun 20, 2007 08:09 AM

Best fish and chips?

I don't go out and get this a lot, and the best I have had is at Robin Hood on Burbank (panko breading?), but what is the best, and why? If you eat your fish with tartar in lieu of vinegar, no offense, but you may be unqualified for this question. LA, only...

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  1. I love the fish n chips at Brit's Pub in Pasadena. Crisp coating, delicate, succulent fish, dash of vinegar, chips cooked well done, dipped into the side of gravy that I can't seem to do without. Somehow, the peas bring it all together. So good!

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    1. re: WildSwede

      Where exactly is Brit's Pub? I would love to try their Fish and Chips. My fiance and I have been searching for a good fish and chips restaurant forever. So far, everything we 've tried are very disappointing. Soggy, thick coating, overcooked fish, and frozen, from the bag chips.... Yuck....

      1. re: trangster8734

        1770 E Colorado Blvd.
        Pasadena (626) 578-1301

        However, according to their respective menus, Brit's is cooked in beer batter, & Robin Hood's is done in a "light crispy batter". Beer batter coatings, in my experience, tend to be on the thick side and therefore, might not compare favorably to a light and crispy F & C lover. I also haven't tried Brit's version, so that theory could be wrong, but I have chatted with the bar tender who's from Liverpool, so ?

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          The batter on Brit's fish is the lightest and crispiest you've ever had. Give it a try. Their fries are killer too.

          1. re: spankbot

            Well, I got a slight problem with that as my palate has graduated to much preferring Halibut over Cod no matter how perfect the batter. Most people, and especially U.S. citizens on the wrong coast (*), seem to believe Cod is the "only" proper fish to use for F & C. The closer you get to Scotland v.s. London, the greater the propensity of Haddock as the F & C food fish of choice. Even to the point where you won't even find Cod of the menu at some good Scottish Chippy Shoppes.

            Example - At the following 3 time best Scottish Fish & Chip Shop winner, if you chick on the menu and scroll down you wont find any Cod anywhere:


            To get back on message, you can find somewhere in L.A., Ventura, or Orange Counties a whole assortment of fishes prepared as F & C. If one was looking for F & C Haddock with a little U.K. flair, it's available, i.e., at The Olde Ship in Santa Ana or Fullerton:


            My last comsumption of Ye Olde King's Head Cod F & C's was not favorable, personally I'll opt for Halibut over Cod everytime.

            (*) aka as the "East Coast".

            1. re: JBC

              "Proper" fish and chips would consist of whatever is freshest fish is available.
              Preferences are another thing.

      2. re: WildSwede

        Might take husband to there to give it a try. Hopefully it will meet his and my standard. So far we haven't found any good ones here. He is an Aussie, he has high standard; and so do I, after many trips to Australia. Maybe it has something to do with most of the fish are cod here, but in Australia, especially in the state of Victoria, the fish are mostly shark.

        1. re: Liz

          Liz, I might have some good news for you, not sure because I haven't been to Australia or the below linked establishment, but I believe the Aussie's comsume Flake, or Gummy Shark, as their Fish in F & C. If you're willing to travel to Oxnard, the following establishment has Angel Shark that might be close to what your husband's enjoyably had down under. They also have Thresher shark, but I'd guess the Nurse shark would be closer:


          If interested, call and make sure they have the right condiments/sauces he craves, and if not, bring them with you!!

          Also in Oxnard/Ventura, is Andria's which "might" also have it. The below link used to work, but it's not today:

          1. re: JBC

            Thanks. It is very tempting. In fact, my mouth was watering as reading the menu. Question is are we willing to drive an hr and half for it? It is close to Camarillo though. :)

            1. re: Liz

              Using the get directions button, it looks like it's 7 miles west from the middle of Camarillo. Is it worth the drive? If your coming from the south and drive up PCH from the Santa Monica Pier thru Malibu into Oxnard on a bright warm sunny day in a convertible - then the answer is yes (less expensive than flying to Aussieland).

              Suggestion - Call and make sure they're not out of the Angel shark on the day you go (if you every do go).

          2. re: Liz

            There's an Australian pub/restaurant in OC:

            Australian Restaurant/Grill.
            2106 North Tustin Ave
            Santa Ana, CA 92705

        2. You've had the best. Robin Hood is the best I've found.

          1. I like the fish and chips at Red Lion Tavern in Silverlake.

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            1. re: Obessed

              Have you had it recently at Red Lion? I used to LOVE them but stopped when the food took a general dive as the ownership changed hands over 2 years ago. It'd be great to have 'em back!

              1. re: bo_burger

                I tried the fish and chips at the Red Lion a few years ago and it was inedible.

            2. Well even though I usually got a 1/2 chicken (not fish) and chips when I was in school in England, my current favorite is Malibu Seafoods for the Fish & Chips offered with 1, 2 or 3 pieces of fish depending on how hungry you are and if you're sharing. Two of us often share the 3-piece order. Add a Mini Loaf (hot sourdough bread) and extra butter and BYOB with no corkage, some even bring their own table cloths and stemware! Ocean view and a cool hiking trail that begins on the far side of the parking lot tops it off!

              Before I discovered Malibu Seafoods my favorite was Ye Olde King's Head in Santa Monica. Still good I'm sure but kinda expensive, and cramped with often loud Brit. ex-pat sports fans!

              I've only tried Robin Hood once and despite the glowing reviews on this board foung it to be just ok.



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              1. re: sel

                My friends would wholeheartedly agree with Malibu Seafood.

                They've also mentioned going to the harbor in San Pedro. Sorry I don't have more info on this...

                1. re: LisaStitch

                  I like the F&C at Whale & Ale in San Pedro. Nice pieces of Icelandic cod with a crispy dark golden Bass ale batter. A little pricey at $15 but worth it

                2. re: sel

                  Agree the fried fish at Malibu seafood is heavenly. This is one of the best dining experiences in LA, so please don't go there so I don't have to wait in lines any longer than they already are:) Ye Olde Kings Head is legit. Not amazing, but decent.

                3. Redwood Bar & Grill in downtown has good F&C.

                  For a chain, I like Barrigan's.

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                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    Redwood's F&C are of the breaded rather than battered variety, which I found odd but pleasant. Though I love the batter at Brit's, I find that the fish just sort of rattles around inside it, and stays chewy besides; Redwood's fish is much tastier, I think.

                    I do love cod above all, and I do opt for tartar sauce when I can get it, but use most of it on my fries (I'm afraid that malt vinegar reminds me of nothing so much as the acrid scent of burning coal - sorry). All of which is why my favorite chain F&C is at Hamburger Hamlet (now calling itself just "Hamlet"), with the wide steak fries and extra tartar sauce, please.

                    1. re: Will Owen

                      Redwood's fish was very tasty but the breading was soft instead of crunchy, so I thought it wasn't as good as it could be. Good slaw, though, and still very satisfying, but no match for the King's Head.