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Jun 20, 2007 07:38 AM

Spring garlic

i picked up some spring garlic at the farmer's market and i have absolutely no idea what to do with it. can we eat the bulb as well as the stalk? any recommendations on how best to use it?

also, is spring garlic the same thing as scapes?



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  1. Can be used just like green/spring onion. Taste test first so you know how strong it is.

    1. Could you describe what you got? Does it look vaguely like a leek or a fat green onion? If so, it is also called green garlic and is yummy in potato soup as you would use leek. It is yummy but fair warning, it is very strong smelling, use cautiously at first. Vampires and muggers will run a mile.

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        they're long, scallion-esque stalks with garlic bulbs at the bottom. the bulbs don't have the papery garlic skin; they don't have any skin at all. they do, however, have a strong garlicky smell, and i suspect they're pretty potent.

      2. There are some lovely green garlic recipes on Mariquita Farm's website:

        1. They're not the same thing as scapes: scapes are this very thin, green, tubular part of the garlic greenery - picked from the middle of the stalk, I think - that you can chop up and eat, whereas spring garlic is the entire stalk - you pull it out of the earth as you would bulb garlic. Scapes are delicate and wonderful used in place of garlic and should be arriving at farmers' markets soon - you'll see a basket full of these long, pig's-tail curly, green, tubular things with a bit of a single leaf stalk at the end. Hope that helps.

          1. There was a thread on this just recently:

            I volunteered a recipe on green garlic soup with fava beans. I highly recommend it. It was delicious.